Liverpool’s Dias has emotional reunion with father ‘found alive after kidnapping’…family in tears

Colombian striker Luis Diaz, who plays for Liverpool, broke down in tears after being reunited with his father, who was kidnapped by Colombian rebels.

“Liverpool star Diaz reunited with his father for the first time in 12 days,” the UK’s Daily Mail reported on Thursday (April 14). He hugged his father as he broke down in tears during the emotional meeting.”

Dias traveled to Colombia in November during the international break. He traveled to Colombia in November to reunite with his father, who was kidnapped by Colombian rebels and released after 12 days. He arrived in the city of Barranquilla on Tuesday morning local time, according to the Daily Mail.

A photo shared by the Colombian soccer federation on its official social media account showed Diaz having a tearful reunion with his father. His father burst into tears upon seeing his family, and Diaz hugged him tightly.

Díaz’s father, Manuel Díaz, and mother, Silenis Marulanda, were kidnapped by gunmen at a gas station in Colombia on March 29.

Díaz’s parents were traveling about 600 kilometers in a van they owned to Los Olivos in central Colombia when they stopped at a gas station and were abducted by two armed men. Fortunately, his mother, Marulanda, was found unharmed, but his father, Manuel, remained unaccounted for.

Many believed the incident to be an organized crime aimed at the money of Diaz, a member of the Colombian national soccer team and a world-class soccer player, and Diaz asked fans to join the campaign for his father’s safe return.

The kidnapping of Díaz’s father, who is also an iconic member of the Colombian national team, prompted Colombian authorities to investigate. “I strongly condemn the kidnapping of Luis Díaz’s parents,” La Guajira Governor Dialla Wilchez said in a statement. “I have ordered the mobilization of the local army and a massive search has been launched.” “We call on the kidnappers to immediately release the victims to safety.” 캡틴토토 주소

Colombian military authorities, who were also searching for Díaz’s father, Manuel, wished the operation success on their official social media accounts, saying they “give their full support and encouragement to the movement to find the kidnapped Díaz parents.”

But after three days of no news, Dias asked his fans to get involved. “Díaz posted an invitation to a candlelight vigil for the release of Manuel Díaz on social media,” explained the UK’s The Sun.

As Colombia mobilized its authorities to search for Díaz’s father, ELN commander Jose Manuel Martínez Quiros, who kidnapped him, issued a statement demanding his safety from Colombian authorities in exchange for his release, according to media reports.

“The region remains militarized, and this situation prevents the implementation of the plan to release Luis Manuel Díaz safely and quickly,” he said, adding that “if the military operations continue, they will delay the release and increase the risks.”

“We will honor our commitment to immediately and unilaterally release him if there are security guarantees during the process,” he added, demanding that no threats or attacks be made in exchange for the father’s release.

On the 12th day, Manuel was released by helicopter, accompanied by the UN mission and Catholic Church officials. Colombian radio station Blue Radio reported, “The process of freeing Manuel has begun. The helicopter has taken off and is headed to a point between La Guajira and Cesar. There, the ELN guerrillas will hand over the kidnapped man.”

The kidnappers were eventually captured by Colombian police. The Daily Mail reported, “Colombian police have arrested four members of a criminal group called Los Primos. They face charges including kidnapping and theft and will go on trial soon.”

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