“I want to run in the name of Gimpo City,” says Joel Jin, the future of Korean athletics

Namadi Joeljin (Gimpo First Public High School), a high school athlete who has shown exceptional talent in Korean track and field, expressed his love for Gimpo and his desire to compete for the city after high school.

Namadi Joeljin has been recognized as a future world star after winning the National Elementary and Secondary School Track and Field Championships in Chunghyeon, the 100M bronze medal at the 4th Asian U-18 Youth Championships, the relay silver medal at the 20th Asian U-20 Athletics Championships, the men’s high school 100M title at the 44th National Shidodae Sailing Championships, the men’s high school 100M and 200M gold medals at the 104th National Sports Games, and the 100M and relay gold medals at the 1st East Asian U-20 Athletics Championships. 아톰카지노 주소

Gimpo Mayor Kim Byung-soo met with Namadi Joel-jin on the 7th and encouraged her, saying that Gimpo City would find ways to work with her as much as possible.

He said, “Gimpo is where I grew up and where all the teachers who took care of me in elementary and secondary school are. I grew up with a lot of support from Gimpo since my dreams. Now I want to play under the name of Gimpo,” he said.

Mayor Kim said, “I am proud of Namadi Joeljin. The athlete’s growth is the first priority, and if he and Gimpo can grow together, it will be even better.”

Namadi Joeljin broke the Korean men’s high school 100-meter record by five years and two months, winning the 44th National Championships under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Athletics officials say he will break the 10-second mark and become a star in the world of athletics beyond Korea.

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