Kim Ki-hyeon “If we gather opinions from Gimpo citizens, we will push for incorporation into Seoul”… Minjoo: “It’s out of the blue.”

Kim Ki-hyeon, leader of the People Power Party, announced that he will actively pursue the issue of incorporating Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do into Seoul.

The opinions of Gimpo citizens were included as a clue, but the Democratic Party responded that it was an unexpected announcement.

This is reporter Jang Yoon-hee.


CEO Kim Ki-hyeon visited the Gimpo Hangang Vehicle Base, which operates the ‘Gimpo Gold Line’, which has the highest congestion rate in the country.

At this meeting where he was discussing transportation measures in the metropolitan area, he brought up the ‘promotion of Gimpo City’s incorporation into Seoul City.’

<Kim Byeong-soo / Gimpo Mayor (People Power Party)> “It is geographically, currently situationally, and historically appropriate for Gimpo residents to merge with Gimpo’s old land and integrate it with Seoul.”

<Kim Ki-hyeon / People Power Party Representative> “If Gimpo City goes through the process of incorporating Gimpo City into Seoul City by gathering citizens’ opinions, we will of course respect the opinions of Gimpo City residents and our party will actively incorporate Gimpo City into Seoul City. “I will proceed with the requested procedures.”

Representative Kim plans to similarly consider incorporating small cities adjacent to Seoul into Seoul if local residents wish to do so.

Gyeonggi Governor Kim Dong-yeon, a member of the Democratic Party, is proceeding with the process of launching the Gyeonggi Northern Special Self-Governing Province in 2026, and has argued that it is reasonable for Gimpo City to be incorporated into Seoul rather than northern Gyeonggi메이저사이트 Province.

However, given that the ruling party leadership hinted at pushing forward with the party’s incorporation of Seoul, some pointed out whether this was part of a strategy for the general election in the metropolitan area.

Accordingly, Representative Kim and Policy Committee Chairman Yoo Yu-dong drew a line in interpreting the general election, saying, “It can only be promoted if local residents want it.”

The Democratic Party, which won a landslide victory in Gimpo City during the last general election, said in response to the People Power Party’s theory of Gimpo City’s incorporation into Seoul, “It was an extremely unexpected announcement.”

Spokesperson Kang Seon-woo added, “This administrative reorganization is something to be carefully reviewed.”

Gimpo City plans to begin public discussion starting next month, but even if opinions are collected, complex legislative and administrative procedures must be completed, including the enactment of a special law by the National Assembly and local tax revision issues.

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