G-Dragon, suspected of drug use, to appear at police on the 6th and scheduled for drug test

Singer G-Dragon Kwon Ji-yong, who is suspected of drug use, is scheduled to appear at the police on the 6th of next month.

The Incheon Police Agency’s토토사이트 drug crime investigation unit announced that it had discussed the first summons with Mr. Kwon on the 6th of next month.

Previously, Mr. Kwon submitted a voluntary statement of intent to appear to the police, stating that he would provide his cell phone, hair, and urine.

Accordingly, the police, who have been notified of the dismissal of a communications search and seizure warrant, plan to proceed with the first investigation without applying for an additional warrant.

On the day of attendance, the police plan to conduct a simple drug reagent test on Mr. Kwon and receive a statement regarding drug use charges.

Today, Mr. Kwon issued a statement through his legal representative, saying, “I will voluntarily appear and actively participate in the investigation.”

In a statement issued yesterday, Mr. Kwon said, “In order to quickly resolve the injustice, I will voluntarily submit all materials necessary for the investigation and actively participate in hair and urine tests.”

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