Lotte On wins Lee Hyori CF ‘100 to 1’ competition… Performance and atmosphere rise

“We didn’t know the atmosphere would change this much,” said a Lotte On official.

Lee Hyo-ri’s short Instagram message, posted as a joke saying, ‘I want to do advertising again,’ changed the atmosphere of Lotte On 180 degrees. Lotte On became the star of Lee Hyori’s first commercial advertisement in 10 years, and consumer attention soon led to an increase in sales.

◇ ‘Lotte On’ chosen by Hyori Lee… Capturing the hearts of women in their 30s and 40s

According to the distribution industry on the 30th, it was reported that Lotte Group’s e-commerce Lotte On recently saw a vertical rise in sales immediately after it selected singer Lee Hyo-ri as its advertising model.

When Lee Hyori appeared in the Lotte On advertisement, consumer reaction was enthusiastic. The full advertisement video exceeded 2 million views within a week of its release, and the amount of viral marketing, where consumers spread advertisements themselves, more than doubled.

With the addition of the ‘Brand Fantasy’ event with three brands every day, a virtuous cycle was completed in which the increase in visitors due to Hyori Lee immediately led to sales.

In the first week of the Brand Fantasy event (October 16-22), Lotte On’s sales increased by more than 40% compared to the previous year. The number of customers and buyers who visited the Lotte On app increased by double digits, and sales of some brands jumped up to six times compared to October last year.

In addition, consumers who came in through the ‘Lee Hyori effect’ changed their perception of Lotte On through direct experience. A variety of premium products, price competitiveness, and abundant membership benefits turned them into loyal customers, and as a result, the number of new Lotte On integrated membership subscribers increased more than eight times compared to the previous year.

In addition, ‘product’ and ‘discount’ have been at the top of search terms related to Lotte On, but recently ‘shopping’ and ‘premium’ have taken their place. This also means that the per-customer price has increased.

◇ Lotte On succeeded in ‘reversing the atmosphere’… With the possibility of improving performance in the fourth quarter,

Lotte On planned the ‘Lee Hyori Advertising Campaign’ to increase awareness of its services and premium products. The strategy was exactly right, and the first advertisement released four years after its launch left a strong impression on consumers, leading to an increase in performance.

In the e-commerce industry, Lotte On is assessing that it is truly experiencing the ‘Lee Hyori effect’ and even predicting the possibility of improved performance in the fourth quarter.

Lotte On has been recording a deficit for nine consecutive quarters since the second quarter of 2021, but has been improving the deficit for four consecutive quarters since the third quarter 온라인카지노of last year. In addition, the extent is expected to decrease further in the fourth quarter of this year when the ‘Lee Hyori effect’ appears.

Lotte On’s internal atmosphere was also depressed due to continuous deficits, but it is known that the mood of employees is changing as the possibility of performance improvement has recently increased.

A Lotte On official said, “The internal atmosphere has changed significantly since Lee Hyo-ri’s CF. Recently, sales have increased, and there is a feeling of ‘let’s try again’ among employees.”

Choi Hyun-jeong, head of Lotte On’s brand content department, said, “We planned an advertising campaign to secure customer awareness and improve the brand image.” After Lee Hyo-ri’s advertisement, sales of four vertical services and premium products increased significantly, and the number of consumers visiting Lotte On is also increasing. He said.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori recently revealed that “offers came in from about 100 places” regarding filming a commercial .

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