“Missiles like a shower”… Communication cut off due to large-scale air raid

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The Israeli military continued large-scale airstrikes against the Gaza Strip, the stronghold of Hamas, for the third day.

Local communications were completely cut off as the fiercest attack was launched since the start of the war.

The international community is worried about ‘what will happen after this’.

Reporter Yang Min-hyo reports.


Carpet bombings accompanied by explosions continue in the Gaza Strip.

Dozens of tanks are firing artillery fire inside the wall.

On Friday night, when the Jewish Sabbath began, the Israeli military increased the intensity of its surprise operation for the third day.

This is the highest level since the beginning of the war.

[Hagari/Israeli Army Spokesperson: “In this operation, infantry, engineers, and artillery units are participating along with large-scale airstrikes. The expansion of the operation corresponds to all goals of the war.”] The Israeli army is targeting 150 underground Hamas targets with 100 fighter jets

. They said they attacked the place.

He said the head of the air battle during the Hamas raid was also eliminated.

He also predicted an intensive attack by releasing a photo of an underground tunnel next to his hospital, where Hamas headquarters is said to be located.

It appears to be focused on taking down Hamas’ command post and its infrastructure before a full-scale ground assault.

[“We have no strength, only God has strength. Please pray for us.”]

After the Israeli attack, internet and phone communications were cut off in Gaza.

[Al Jazeera Broadcasting: “We are currently broadcasting every hour, using the satellite network as much as possible. To the viewers who watch this broadcast, please send a message to the world. We are isolated in Gaza.”] Hamas said, “

Israel He claimed, “We have cut off this communication link,” and “This action was taken to commit bloody revenge.”

International organizations expressed concern over the loss of communication in the Gaza Strip.

Human rights groups criticized that large-scale atrocities could be covered up.

The Committee to Protect Journalists also called for restoration, saying that false information would spread due to the communication blackout.

The UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling굿모닝토토 도메인 for a ceasefire.

Hamas and the Palestinians welcomed it, but Israel was once again outraged.

[Gilad Erdan/Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations: “This day will go down in infamy, and we have all witnessed that the United Nations has no legitimacy or validity.”] The death toll on both sides is now approaching 9,000

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