I gave someone else’s social security number during a breathalyzer test… A married couple in trouble

An incident occurred in which an electric bicycle driver escaped a police drunken crackdown by stealing someone else’s resident registration number.

A loophole was created in the identification process as the police mistakenly believed that the driver’s license owner with the stolen resident registration number posted on the internal computer network and the electric bicycle driver were the same person.

Because of this, a prior notice of driver’s license cancellation was sent to the theft victim’s home, and the theft victim was said to have suffered a ‘crisis of divorce’ with his wife, causing a rift in their marital relationship.

However, it was found that the victim of theft was not even in the country on an overseas business trip at the time of the drunken driving raid.

Yonhap News reported on the 28th that Bucheon Wonmi Police Station sent a prior notice of driver’s license cancellation to the residence of Busan trader A on the 16th.

According to reports, the Wonmi Police Station notified Mr. A to appear at the police by the 31st토스카지노 도메인, saying he was caught riding an electric bicycle while under the influence of alcohol to the point where his license was revoked in the early morning of the 14th.

When the notice arrived, Mr. A was staying in Japan. He was on a business trip to Japan scheduled for the 12th to 18th.

The police notice was delivered to Mr. A’s wife, Mr. B.

Mr. B called Mr. A in Japan and asked how a person who was on a business trip could be caught for drunk driving in Bucheon on the 14th, and she interrogated Mr. A.

As misunderstandings piled up, Mr. A and his wife reportedly had a big fight on the phone.

Mr. A eventually returned to Korea without even being able to properly complete his business trip and began to explain.

However, Ms. B said there was no way there was anything wrong with the police notice and she left the house.In order to clear his name, Mr. A presented his immigration certificate, passport recording his entry into Japan, and airline ticket to the police as evidence.With her innocence proven, her wife also returned home within a week.Afterwards, it was revealed that Mr. C, who stole the resident registration number, was at the center of this incident.Mr. C, a Bucheon citizen , is memorizing the resident registration number of Mr. A’s ID card that he obtained in the past. He recited it during the police’s breathalyzer test.When Mr. C submitted his resident registration number without identification, the police searched the driver’s license photo through the internal computer network and matched it with Mr. C’s, but it was found that they were unable to accurately check the photo due to the dark surroundings. A few days after the drunken driving raid,Mr. C contacted the police again and confessed this fact out of concern that the problem would increase due to presenting false identification, but this did not prevent Mr. A from being harmed.The police have booked Mr. C and are investigating the details of the incident.Mr. A is said to have lost his ID card when valuables were stolen from a parked car in Busan eight years ago.Mr. A said, “I am grateful that the police work hard, but I wish they had done a more accurate job,” and added, “Her wife returned home when the whole situation was clarified, but the emotional rift has deepened and we have not yet recovered a normal relationship as a couple.” .A police official said, “We acknowledge that on-site verification was not properly carried out during the drinking control process. Although the drinking control staff did not intentionally issue incorrect notices, we will provide more thorough training to prevent this from happening again in the future.”

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