Yoo Ah-in, Lee Sun-kyun, and GD, will drug celebrities be permanently kicked out of broadcasting?

As the drug scandal in the entertainment industry involving Yoo Ah-in, Lee Sun-kyun, and G – Dragon continues, attention is focused on whether a ban on broadcast appearances will be implemented for celebrities with drug records. On the 26th, during the comprehensive audit of the National Assembly’s Science, Technology, Information, Broadcasting and Communications Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Korea Communications Commission), the drug controversy that has recently swept the entertainment industry emerged as a hot topic. People Power Party lawmaker Kim Young-sik said, “Yoo Ah-in, Lee Sun-kyun, and G-Dragon are being investigated on drug charges, which has a huge social impact. What makes people angry is that drug offenders briefly reflect on themselves and then return to broadcasting with hundreds of millions of dollars in appearance fees. “Dot,” he pointed out. At the same time, he asked Korea Communications Commission Chairman Lee Dong-kwan to take measures to prevent drug offenders from appearing on TV. It was pointed out that the appearance of a celebrity with a drug record on TV ultimately involves the public responsibility of broadcasting, so consideration at the government level is necessary. In response, Chairman Lee promised, “As you probably know now, broadcasters such as KBS and MBC have their own internal regulations,” and promised, “We will review whether it can be made more general and implement it.” Until now, broadcasting companies have decided to suspend appearances based on their own internal regulations. For this reason, it was not uncommon for a person to return to broadcasting and appear to viewers some time after a drug conviction. The appearance of celebrities with other criminal convictions, including not only drugs but also prostitution, gambling, and drunk driving, was also at the discretion of the broadcasting company.

Although it is not yet in the concrete stage, if the Korea Communications Commission pushes for such regulations, it is expected to have a significant impact as it is highly likely that not only celebrities who are currently booked and under investigation will be included, but also celebrities who have past drug convictions.

The entertainment industry is currently experiencing a drug gate, starting with Lee Sun-kyun. As the full-scale police investigation is still in its beginning stages, it is difficult to rule out the possibility of additional celebrities being booked, focusing on drug supply and distribution schemes.

According to the police, Lee Seon-gyun was booked on charges of marijuana and psychotropic drugs under the Narcotics먹튀검증 Control Act. A (29, female), the manager of an entertainment establishment who was known to have taken drugs at home with Lee Seon-gyun, was also arrested on charges of psychopathy. Mr. A is also accused of extorting 350 million won by pressuring Lee Seon-gyun. In response to this, Lee Sun-kyun’s agency said, “We will cooperate with the investigation, and we will reveal the allegations in the police investigation.”

Soon after, it was revealed that another celebrity who was booked on suspicion of drug use was GD from the group Big Bang . GD was also booked without detention on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act, and it was reported that the case was separate from Lee Sun-gyun, who was booked earlier. The controversy intensified as GD received a suspended indictment in 2011 on charges of smoking marijuana .

In response, GD completely denied the charges through his legal representative, saying, “I have never taken drugs. It has nothing to do with the news reports recently released to the media. I will actively cooperate with the investigation by the investigative agency and work more diligently.” .

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