‘Nam Hyun-hee’s ex-lover’ Jeon Mo commits suicide in New York to elude investors

There continues to be revelations that she was defrauded by Jeon, who was known to be the marriage partner of former national fencing team player Nam Hyun-hee.

In order to ostracize an acquaintance who borrowed money from her, she even staged a self-made play with the content, ‘I made an extreme choice in New York.’ 

First, this is an exclusive report by reporter Baek짱구카지노 주소 Seung-yeon. 

Jeon Mo, the remarried partner of former national fencing team member Nam Hyun-hee and involved in fraud allegations. At the end of last year, a social media message was sent

to investors  . “Mr. Jeon has died.” “He died of suicide, calling Mr. Jeon the representative.” When asked, “What do you mean?” he replied, “I received a call in the early morning.” At the time, the victims were in a situation where they had invested tens of millions of won in Mr. Jeon and needed to get their money back, but he suddenly committed suicide. The employee said, “We have to go to New York and hold Mr. Jeon’s funeral,” and “Mr. Jeon inherited a third of his assets to the victims,” and “Mr. Jeon even left his car, house, and horse to the victims.” says: It was in March of this year that Mr. Jeon, who was thought to be dead, appeared in front of the victims. He is said to have given an explanation, saying, “He was an out-of-wedlock member of Paradise Group and had no choice but to fake suicide due to inheritance issues.” The victims invested tens of millions of won in Mr. Jeon, who introduced himself as a chaebol until the end, and have not been able to recover it. Mr. Jeon made the victims believe him by showing off his wealth on several occasions. Mr. Jeon sent the victims photos of himself with several bodyguards in a public place or of him riding a limousine van in front of his house. [Witness Mr. Jeon] “We ran into each other a lot. He hosted a meeting at the coffee shop in the ○○ lobby about once every 2-3 days. Anyone could see that it looked like he was doing business for business purposes…” The day before yesterday and again yesterday, he filed a complaint alleging that he had been defrauded by Mr. Jeon . An additional report was made to this police station. The police completed their investigation into the complainant today and plan to look into Mr. Jeon’s whereabouts. This is Baek Seung-yeon of Channel A News. Video reporting: Seunghee Kang Video editing: Hyeri Lee

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