Nam Hyun-hee deceived remarriage partner, received money from about 10 people in the name of investment

There continues to be testimony that Olympic fencing silver medalist Nam Hyeon-hee (42) suffered financial damages from her second husband, Jeon (27).

Ms. Lee, a woman in her 20s, said in a phone call with the Dong-A Ilbo on the 27th, “Last month, after hearing Mr. Jeon tell me to invest since we were doing an investment business with American and Korean startups, I handed over about 20 million won to Mr. Jeon.” “Recently, Mr. Jeon “There was a controversy about it, so I asked for it to be returned, but I was unable to contact them,” he said.

According to Mr. Lee, Mr. Jeon participated as a special guest in a profitable business lecture held somewhere in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul early last month and encouraged attendees to invest, saying, “The company is located in the United States.” Mr. A, an acquaintance of Mr. Lee who listened to the lecture at the time, even took a loan and invested 50 million won, but Mr. Jeon said, ‘The investment amount is small. She said, ‘Please recommend investment to people around you,’ and she introduced Mr. Lee to Mr. Jeon.

It is said that Mr. Jeon informed Mr. Lee of an application that could provide a loan and asked him to borrow money by pledging his car as collateral. Mr. Lee said, “I raised 20 million won굿모닝토토 도메인, and transferred it to the account designated by Mr. Jeon,” and added, “On the afternoon of the 27th, I filed a complaint against Mr. Jeon at a police station in South Chungcheong Province on charges of fraud.” It is known that about 10 people invested in Mr. Jeon through the lecture.

It was confirmed that Jeon was exchanging KakaoTalk messages with investors asking for their money back on the 26th, when he was arrested on charges of stalking in front of Nam’s mother’s house. Immediately after Mr. Jeon was released from the police, he sent a message saying, “I will do it for you” and offering to return the investment amount, but it is said that he was not contacted after that.

Meanwhile, on the 27th, the Seongnam Jungwon Police Station in Gyeonggi Province secured the statement of the victim, Mr. Nam, during the investigation into allegations of stalking by Mr. Jeon. Mr. Nam said of Mr. Jeon, “It’s so difficult. “I don’t want you to contact me or approach me any more,” he reportedly stated.

Also, in an interview with Channel A on the 27th, Mr. Nam said, “Jeon’s father, a person who is the chairman of the casino, contacted me early in the morning. He said it would be very difficult for her to become a daughter-in-law and asked if he could handle it, but it turned out that Mr. Jeon was pretending to be the father.” He continued, “I feel like I’m having a nightmare. “I hope (Mr. Jeon) is punished,” he said. Dong-A Ilbo contacted Jeon several times to hear his explanation, but was unable to connect.

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