Jeon Cheong-jo additionally booked for ‘fraud’, Nam Hyun-hee “I was deceived”

Suspicions are growing rapidly about Jeon Cheong-jo, who was known to be the remarriage partner of former national fencing team member Nam Hyun-hee.

As Mr. Jeon’s past fraud activities were revealed one by one, other victims filed complaints with the police.

This is reporter Shin Su-ah.

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Jeon Cheong-jo, 27, was arrested by the police on charges of stalking former national fencing team member Nam Hyeon-hee.

Mr. Jeon, known as Nam Hyun-hee’s prospective groom, was booked by the police one after another on charges of fraud.

Songpa Police Station yesterday received a complaint from one victim who said that Mr. Jeon stole 20 million won in late August, saying he was investing in application development.

The Gangseo Police Station in Seoul also began an investigation the day before yesterday based on a complaint that Mr. Jeon attempted to defraud a 20-year-old woman.

Previously, after announcing the news of his marriage to Nam Hyun-hee, Jeon introduced himself in an interview with a media outlet as being a third-generation chaebol, majoring in horseback riding in New York, and running an arts and physical education academy in Korea.

However, various suspicions about Mr. Jeon poured out one after another.

She said that Jeon was a woman, not a man, that she had never been to the United States to study, and that she was not a third-generation chaebol.

The suspicions gradually turned out to be true.

She was sentenced to two years and three months in prison for extorting 290 million won from 10 of her victims by pretending to be a man or the extramarital child of a conglomerate온라인카지노 chairman.

Nevertheless, until recently, she lied that Mr. Jeon was a major shareholder of a foreign company and actively participated in her lectures.

[Mr. Jeon Cheong-jo (9th of last month – voice altered)]
“Everyone, if you want to get the real thing from me, you have to be honest.”

She also showed off her relationship with her lover, Mr. Nam.

Acquaintances who lent money to Ms. Jeon say they were completely fooled by her appearance as a wealthy person.

[Acquaintance of Jeon Cheong-jo (voice altered)]
“They even showed us the amount in the bank, and we couldn’t believe it at first, but there was exactly 51.7 trillion won.”

Regarding this, Nam Hyun-hee said, “I knew about Mr. Jeon’s sex reassignment surgery,” but she also said, “I didn’t know that he was selling my name to commit an investment fraud.”

This is Shin Su-ah from MBC News.

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