You don’t have to have hiking shoes! barefoot walking boom

There is a craze for barefoot walking. Walking barefoot, which allows direct contact with the ground, is an exercise that has many benefits, including preventing adult diseases, alleviating insomnia, and increasing immunity. Due to this, many citizens are enjoying walking barefoot recently.

Chuncheon City operates some sections of the Aemakgol Trail, one of the hiking trails most frequently used by citizens, as a barefoot walking path. Although there are no convenience facilities such as foot washing facilities, it is receiving positive responses from many hikers. Last June, the Chuncheon Leisure and Taekwondo Organizing Committee held the ‘2023 Chuncheon Citizen Forest Walking Competition’ for citizens at the Chuncheon National Forest Center.

Accordingly, Chuncheon City is promoting ‘Bommenae Barefoot’, which will develop a 7.4km barefoot walking course. On the 4th, Chuncheon Mayor Yook Dong-han said, “We will conduct a pilot project to create a pedestrian space made of eco-friendly materials such as red clay, sandy loam, and sandy loam in the 1.3km section of Gongjicheon and 0.2km section of Seoksa Neighborhood Park, from Hoban Bridge to Hyoja Bridge, which is an urban promenade.” . Chuncheon City plans to expand to 7 locations by next year, reflecting resident response and improvements through this pilot operation.

Songjeong Beach and Songlim in Gangneung have also become popular places for barefoot walking. This place is very popular because it faces the sea from Gangmun Beach to스포츠토토 Songjeong Beach to Anmok Beach and has a dense pine forest. There are several walking paths within Songlim, so you can avoid the hustle and bustle and exercise for as much time as suits you. Another big advantage is that if you get bored while walking, you can go to the white sand beach. Gangneung City plans to expand some convenience facilities, such as foot-washing facilities, to develop it into a popular spot for barefoot walking.

In Wonju, the ‘1st Wonju Barefoot Walking Festival’ was held last month. This festival, held in the area of ​​Ungok Solbaram Forest Trail in Haenggu-dong, was popular with over 500 people participating. This is the Chiaksan Dullegil greeting course (Course 1), a path that honors Ungok Won-seok, a loyalist from the late Goryeo Dynasty, and the dense pine forest of Chiaksan Mountain creates a spectacular sight.

Wonju City, realizing the popularity of barefoot walking, is also expanding its facilities. Wonju Mayor Won Kang-soo, who attended the event, said, “This event will be the starting point of walking toward the home of the trekking city,” and added, “We will prepare a richer program at the new barefoot walking spot next year and make it a representative tourist resource for Wonju.” “I will go,” he emphasized.

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