WHO “knel down and begged for fuel”… Israel: “Give it to Hamas”

As fuel in the Israeli-blockaded스포츠토토 Gaza Strip is expected to run out around the 25th (local time), a total collapse of the medical system is just around the corner. The UN agency announced that it had no choice but to suspend relief operations in the Gaza Strip from the 25th due to a fuel shortage. Even as a catastrophe in the Gaza Strip is predicted, Israel is maintaining its position that it will never be able to supply fuel. According to CNN and Reuters on

the 24th , the World Health Organization ( WHO ) announced in a statement that at least six hospitals in the Gaza Strip were closed due to lack of fuel. This is separate from the hospital that was closed due to Israeli bombing. According to WHO, one-third of Gaza’s hospitals are already out of operation. Beit Hanoun Hospital, the only hospital operating in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, was shut down due to bombing in the nearby area. “If fuel is not supplied, it is a death sentence for the patients,” said hospital director Atef Alqalut. The Indonesian Hospital, the largest private hospital in the Gaza Strip, also announced that it had turned off the power to all surgery and treatment rooms except for the last essential areas, such as the intensive care unit, due to a fuel shortage. “If fuel and additional medical supplies are not urgently supplied to Gaza, thousands of vulnerable patients will die or be at risk of complications,” WHO said . WHO regional emergencies director Rick Brennan appealed to the international community and Israel for humanitarian aid, saying, “I’m on my knees and begging.” The vulnerable group includes about 1,000 dialysis patients and about 130 premature babies. ‘Miriam’s son’, who is breathing heavily in the incubator in the neonatal room, is one of them. The baby was taken out by cesarean section from the womb of her already dead mother, Miriam, on the 13th, when Israeli missiles and rockets rained down on the Gaza Strip. Because all family members who could have given her a name, including her mother and father, died, the baby’s ankle was given an identification tag that read ‘Son of Miriam’ instead of a name. Nasser Bulbul, the doctor who saved the baby’s life, said, “Every time I check the child’s condition, I am overcome with sadness and pain.” He added, “7 out of 10 mechanical devices connected to the incubator have already stopped operating due to a lack of power. “If the power goes out, this child will die within five minutes,” he said. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees ( UNRWA ) announced today that it will no longer be able to provide relief work in the Gaza Strip as fuel will soon run out. UNRWA said, “If this continues, we will have no choice but to suspend all activities in the Gaza Strip tomorrow night (the 25th).” UNRWA is responsible for delivering relief supplies brought in through the Rafah checkpoint on the Egyptian border, so if they cease their activities, it will become difficult to provide support to local residents in the Gaza Strip. The United Nations believes that the Gaza Strip needs at least 160,000 liters of fuel per day. This is the minimum amount required by essential facilities such as hospitals and bakeries. Before the war, Gaza received about 480,000 liters of diesel and gasoline every day. Of this, approximately 400,000 liters were used to run the only power plant in the Gaza Strip. The power plant has been shut down for a long time, and as fuel to power the generator is no longer available, water supply and purification facilities are shut down, leading to a serious water shortage problem. UNICEF estimates that Gaza’s water supply is only 5% of normal levels. Residents are unable to find clean water, so they dig simple wells and drink polluted or salty water. There are concerns that the number of deaths from dehydration will increase. However, Israel emphasized that it would not allow any fuel to enter the Gaza Strip. Israel is concerned that the fuel will end up in the hands of Hamas and be used for weapons. Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said: “ UNRWA ’s fuel was stolen by Hamas. If the hospital doesn’t have fuel, they have to ask Hamas for fuel. “The international community must tell Hamas to provide fuel to hospitals and citizens,” he said. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s senior adviser also said, “We will not supply fuel even if all the hostages are released.”

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