They were fed red pepper water and beaten with metal pipes… A 2-year-old adopted child adopted from abuse

 On October 25, 2014, Kim (46 years old at the time), an adoptive mother in her 40s, hit the head of her 25-month-old adopted child, Miss A, for 30 minutes at her home in Jung-gu, Ulsan, because she was playing with chopsticks in an outlet. They assaulted him by hitting him several times on his buttocks and legs.

Miss A, who was barely over two years old, was taken to the hospital the next day, but eventually died from traumatic subdural hemorrhage and multiple bruises. Following the incident of abuse and death of a stepdaughter in Ulju-gun on October 24, 2013 last year, another child abuse death occurred in Ulsan a year later.

On the same day, Ms. Kim called 119, saying, “Her child is not breathing properly.” After 2-3 hours of assaulting her, Ms. A left her unattended for 13 hours even after noticing that she was unconscious. After she was taken to the hospital, she called her biological daughter and instructed her to throw away her metal pipes at home.

He told the police, “The child stuck chopsticks into an outlet and hit him with a plastic ruler.” However, as a result of Miss A’s autopsy and police investigation, it was revealed that Ms. Kim had beaten her with an iron pipe, a hanger support for iron clothes hangers, leading to her death.

Also, on October 24, two days before Ms. A’s death, Mr. Kim ran away from her middle school student’s school dance recital, and when she returned home, he hit her head several times with his hand for drooling while eating. Afterwards, when Ms. A played around the outlet, they beat her, leading to her death. Previously, abuses such as cutting up peppers, mixing them in water and drinking them, or spraying cold water all over the body with a shower were confirmed.

Neighbors told the police that they saw signs of abuse from Mr. Kim. The sound of a baby crying was often heard in Mr. Kim’s house, and it is said that Mr. Kim yelled at Ms. A, threw her on the floor, and said, “I heard you get a lot of subsidies if you have three children, but you don’t get much money.”

The police charged him with murder, judging that it was intentional, saying, “Continued assault of a child who was weak and powerless to resist can be seen as abuse even though he knew he would die.” In addition, it was confirmed that Mr. Kim had forged a real estate lease agreement to meet the conditions in the process of adopting Miss A in December last year, and charges of forging private documents, etc. were also applied.

Separately, Kim’s estranged husband, Jeon (age 50 at the time), was booked without detention on charges of violating the Child Welfare Act. The reason is that Mr. Jeon violated his duties as the adoptive father, who has parental authority over Miss A, such as protection, custody, treatment, and education, and did not pay child support properly, allowing the city gas to be cut off and the power and water to be cut off.

After listening to citizens’ opinions at the Child Abuse Response Center and the Prosecutors’ Citizens’ Committee, the prosecution arrested and indicted Mr. Kim on charges of murder and violating the Child Welfare Act and requested a life sentence. Mr. Kim and his lawyer appealed to the jury to choose an appropriate sentence during the first trial, claiming that there was no intent.

The first trial court said, “The defendant beat the child so severely with an iron pipe as tall as the child that bleeding occurred all over the child’s body, and it is estimated that 20-25% of the child’s total blood volume was lost, reaching a point where the child could not recover.” “They may have recognized the possibility that the child would die from hypovolemic shock.”

He continued, “The guardian, who was supposed to protect the child physically and mentally, abused the child by feeding him hot peppers and showering him with cold water, ultimately taking the precious child’s life. As he promised to raise the child well during the adoption application process, he must take greater responsibility.” “Despite this, the defendant appears to have recognized the child as his own property,” he said, sentencing him to 20 years in prison. Her husband, Mr. Jeon, was sentenced to one year in prison and two years probation.

Mr. Kim said, “When my daughter put metal chopsticks into the hole of the electrical outlet, I got angry for a moment and just hit the child’s buttocks, thighs, and legs with the plastic office ruler that was there to discipline her,” adding, “I had no intention of killing the victim, it was an act of price. “We did not anticipate that the victim could die as a result,” he appealed.

The second trial court said, “The defendant짱구카지노 주소 beat and killed her daughter A, who was only 25 months old. “The case is very serious in light of the motive, method, and results of the crime,” he said, adding, “The defendant’s appeal that the sentence imposed by the original trial was too heavy and unreasonable is dismissed,” and upheld the original sentence of 20 years in prison.

Regarding Mr. Kim’s claim, the second trial court said, “The defendant’s eldest daughter, Ms. B, was in the emergency room with Ms. A right after Ms. A died, and they started talking to Ms. Kim, and contacted her younger sister, Ms. C, and instructed her to throw away the metal pipe.” “The width of the midline hemorrhage on the side of the sheep’s left lower extremity is 1.5 to 2.5 cm, which is much narrower than the width of the office ruler that the defendant claims to have used to beat Miss A, but it matches the thickness of the iron pipe of 2.7 cm.”

He also said, “Based on the terms the defendant searched for on the Internet, it appears to have been a very emergency situation.” He added, “He recognized the seriousness of the assault on Ms. “It appears to be,” he explained.

Afterwards, the Supreme Court also accepted the appeal, saying, “As claimed in the original trial’s judgment, there is no misunderstanding of the legal principles regarding ‘unintentional intent’ for causing bodily harm and murder, or any violation of the law that goes against the laws of logic and experience and goes beyond the limits of free-thinking doctrine.” It was dismissed, the first and second trials were accepted, and 20 years in prison was confirmed.

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