After working as an announcer for over 4 years, I left the company… I heard that I changed to ‘this job’

When asked why she gave up her stable job and left the company on her own, announcer Shin Mi-jeong answered with a smile. Announcer Shin joined OBS Gyeongin TV in 2012 . After working as a full-time announcer for 4 years and 6 months, showing his face on various broadcasts, he suddenly decided to resign.​Of course, it doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything after quitting work. He continued to engage in various activities, including broadcasting, operating YouTube, and various leisure activities. Then, last May, announcer Shin appeared in front of the public again with his travel essay ‘Good Morning in an Unfamiliar Place’.If you only hear stories of people quitting their full-time job as announcers, you might think that the new announcer was not a good fit for broadcasting. But he still says that the broadcast is very fun.

The reason why Shin Announcer, who had established himself as a full-time announcer so desperately, left that position is simple. I want to do something more interesting.

He said that announcers are no different from ordinary office workers as they stay in their seats and do office work other than broadcasting. In particular, the fact that someone could participate in the broadcast only if someone chose him made Announcer Shin even more confused.

Announcer Shin Mi-jeong, who always wanted to broadcast more, work harder, and have more fun, eventually decided to resign. But her reality was not easy.To hide his anxiety, he spent his time busy learning how to dance and trying out various sports. Nevertheless, as his anxious mind did not go away, his last hope was travel.

Among the travel destinations that Shin announcer left after leaving the company, the first places he visited were southern Spain and Portugal. Rather than choosing his destination for a big reason, he said in September, when he quit his job, he just picked a city that seemed like a good place to travel.

But that doesn’t mean this journey wasn’t enjoyable. Announcer Shin always recommends Portugal when someone asks to recommend a travel destination. At his first destination, he fell in love with the unique romance and simple charm of Europe, and later created his own travel.

At first, he simply decided on a destination as he pleased, but the more he traveled, the more criteria he developed for choosing a destination. He said that while travel destinations that everyone else goes to are great, sometimes visiting unfamiliar places where even information is difficult to find actually excites him.In his opinion, if you add your own travel concept to it굿모닝토토 주소, it is perfect.

I went on a trip after leaving the company to find more fun, but now that I think about it, there were many difficult moments. When we asked announcer Shin about a difficult moment during his trip, he confessed what happened in Granada, Spain.

At the time, he said, upon arriving in Granada, he was unable to contact his accommodation host as his cell phone was out of battery.But that embarrassing day in Granada was nothing compared to what happened afterwards. In fact, Announcer Shin ha

Coincidentally, the coronavirus pandemic broke out when he returned from his trip and was about to publish a book. At first, it was thought that the situation would end in a few months, but this epidemic struck the world for about four years.

​As the wait took longer than expected, the direction of the book naturally changed. Announcer Shin said that he originally planned to publish a travel guidebook. However, after the pandemic ended, I looked into the attractions I visited during my travels and found that many of them had closed.

d many difficulties publishing a book.The new announcer and the publisher put their heads together and thought about it. And I made a bold decision. Let’s change direction and publish a travel essay. In the end, ‘Good Morning in a Strange Place’ is a book that came out after about five years of waiting.

Announcer Shin Mi-jeong says that even if she goes back, she will go on a trip after leaving the company. The reason is that she wants to have more diverse experiences than when she worked as a full-time announcer. She actually felt many things while traveling. She said the new announcer thought of travel as the sum of all her choices.

From whether or not to eat breakfast to which tourist attractions to visit, things she never thought about in her daily life became important issues during her trip. Is that why? He cherished every moment of her trip more and more.

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