‘Third generation chaebol’ Jeon Cheong-jo rumors? Speculation abounds… Nam Hyun-hee “Strong response”

After Nam Hyun-hee (42), a former national fencing team member, announced her remarriage to businessman Jeon Cheong-jo (27), who is 15 years her junior, she took a hard-line stance against the spread of rumors about Jeon.

Nam Hyun-hee said on Instagram on the 24th, “I plan to take strong action against the spread of false information due to posts containing false, malicious, or false content through recently reported articles.”

Although she did not comment in detail about ‘She is false’, it seems that she was keeping in mind the rumors spreading online about the identity of her husband-to-be, Mr. Jeon.

Previously, Nam Hyun-hee and Jeon announced their marriage plans in a joint interview with Women’s Chosun published the day before. In the article, Mr. Jeon was introduced as a ‘third-generation chaebol’ born and raised in the United States, a former executive of a global information technology ( IT ) company, and currently engaged in arts and physical education and IT businesses both domestically and internationally.

The media said about Mr. Jeon, “His personal story and business plans, which cannot be revealed due to unavoidable circumstances, will be revealed directly right before his wedding with Nam Hyun-hee.”

Nam Hyun-hee said in the interview, “I feel like I could be criticized (if news of her remarriage becomes known),” and “I have an 11-year-old daughter, and there is a 15-year age and economic difference with Mr. Cheongjo. She might guess, ‘She did something to Nam Hyun-hee by luring her counterpart,’” she said.

The two met when Jeon contacted Nam Hyun-hee early this year to learn fencing. Nam Hyeon-hee recalled, “While waiting for Mr. Cheongjo at the fencing range for her first day of training, she was surprised when a friend who was much younger than her age walked in accompanied by a bodyguard.”

Regarding the reason why they became close to each other, “During the second class, (Mr. Jeon) said he wanted to start a fencing-related business and asked if I would be willing to join him.” He added, “After hearing the story, I liked the business plan so much that I thought, ‘I would be a fool to refuse this.’ “We are now토스카지노 도메인 running a business together,” she explained.

Regarding the issue of her child, Nam Hyun-hee said, “It seems that the child is currently in the process of accepting it,” and added, “I think it is something to be cautious about, so I am putting a lot of effort with Mr. Cheongjo.” Nam Hyun-hee and her daughter live together in Signiel, an expensive house where Jeon lived alone, she said.

Nam Hyun-hee married Gong Hyo-seok, a former national cycling team member, in 2011 and had one daughter, but divorced last August after 12 years.

After the news of her remarriage became known, Nam Hyun-hee posted on her Instagram, “I am just grateful to all those who congratulated me and those who worried about me,” and added, “I really want to be happy now. I will live happily with my daughter. I can’t tell a lot of stories here, but it seems like there are a lot of really mean people in the world. “I will live a better life in the world by saying what I want to say one by one as much as you are worried,” she said.

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