“I took the picture, why is it here?”… Tanghulu Chain accused of ‘photo theft’

Tanghulu franchise company, which operates over 400 stores across the country, was on the chopping block for using personal blog photos without permission. The company denied that it had ever done anything like that, but later apologized when the coverage began.

This is reporter Cho So-hee.


Hwang Se-un, who sells imported fruits online, took pictures of product samples to promote them and collect data.

Last month, he went to a Tanghulu store that is said to be popular these days and found a photo he thought he had seen before.

[Hwang Se-woon: I took the picture as soon as I saw it, so why is it here? A thought occurred to me.]

A sample taken by Mr. Hwang two years ago. The number of fruits, the water droplets on the fruits, and even the pattern on the bowl are the same.

[Hwang Se-woon: I installed this and the background is온라인카지노 white… ]

There is also a sign saying that it should not be used without permission.

However, a company that operates 400 franchises nationwide used it for commercial purposes.

[Hwang Se-un: It was marked to prevent unauthorized use of the information.] I

protested over the phone, but he denied it and said, ‘No such thing happened.’

[Hwang Se-woon: He said, ‘He took the picture,’ so I thought about letting it go if he acknowledged it, but his attitude was too poor.]

The company that had been holding on in ignorance actually apologized when the reporters presented the data.

[Tanghulu company official: {It looks very similar to the general public.} I think I downloaded it to fill in the empty parts.]

The copyright of powerless individuals is also precious.

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