Emergency medicine department, stop ‘0 people applying’… Large hospitals struggle

Large hospitals that are selecting residents for next year by December are struggling to recruit essential medical personnel. Hospitals are recruiting out of desperation to prevent ‘zero applicants’ by emphasizing their sense of duty as doctors or through YouTube promotions that will attract attention.

According to Kookmin Ilbo’s coverage on the 24th, Asan Medical Center in Seoul recently posted an internal notice recruiting new residents with the title ‘Do you want to meet a truly critically ill patient?’ Recruitment for next year’s majors closes on December 6. Starting this year, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that it would adjust the ratio of residents in the metropolitan area and non-metropolitan areas from 6 to 4 to 5 to 5, and although the number of seats has not been confirmed, the Department of Emergency Medicine at Asan Medical Center in Seoul posted a recruitment notice early on.

Emergency medicine is considered one of the essential medical fields. However, due to the lack of manpower, the intensity of work, and the concentration of emergency rooms in tertiary hospitals, it is recognized as a field where heavy workload is inevitable. The avoidance phenomenon became more serious as an emergency medicine resident at Fatima Hospital was booked as a suspect in the death of a teenage female student in an ’emergency room hit and run’ in Daegu last March.

As if conscious of this, the hospital wrote about the difficult reality in its recruitment notice. In a notice, the hospital said, “There will be many things you want to quit over the course of four years, and there will be countless things you will get tired of seeing patients.” However, he emphasized the role of front-line doctors in charge of essential medical care and appealed, “I believe that their experience is indispensable in making good doctors.”
In the case of recruiting emergency medicine residents at Asan Medical Center in Seoul, 5 to 6 seats have been filled every year for the past three years. However, as the avoidance of essential medical care becomes more severe, it seems that there is a feeling that people can no longer feel at ease.

Lee Hyeong-min, a professor of emergency medicine at Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital, said, “In order to recruit residents, we have to suggest, ‘If you train in our department, you will have such a path in the future, so why not give it a try?’ But it is true that even I am hesitant.”

The medical community is concerned that there will스포츠토토 continue to be a shortage of not only emergency medicine departments, but also obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics departments. Looking at the ‘Residency application rate by subject for the second half of 2023’ of 96 teaching hospitals across the country submitted by the office of People Power Party lawmaker Lee Jong-seong from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the application rate for pediatrics was only 2.8%, and for cardiovascular and thoracic surgery was only 3.3%. Recruitment of majors in the second half of the year is a concept of additional recruitment due to vacancies due to insufficient recruitment and dropout in the first half of the year. This means that additional recruitment is also difficult.

Mr. Kim, a medical student at Chungbuk National University who is about to apply for residency, said, “Looking at my friends, no one is applying to surgery or the Department of Pediatrics.” He added, “Some people say that the work is difficult, and in particular, people don’t apply to the Department of Medicine because they don’t see a future in it.” He said.

Hospitals plan to actively recruit patients through YouTube promotions. One of the ‘Big 5’ large hospitals plans to use the SNS platform for upcoming appeals and resident recruitment. Last year, there was a situation where the hospital’s clean-up department fell short.

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