I wondered where the missing speed camera was… The taxi driver was buried in the orchard.

A criminal who stole a mobile enforcement camera installed on a road in the mid-mountainous region of Jeju was caught by the police.

Jeju Seogwipo Police Station arrested Mr. A, a taxi driver in his 50s, on charges of stealing a mobile speed camera, auxiliary battery, and tripod installed on Jungsanganseo-ro, Seogwipo-si during the evening of the 12th.

All of the equipment stolen by Mr. A was worth approximately 30 million won, and Mr. A is also accused of damaging an unmanned booth with a camera installed during the theft.

Jeju Island Autonomous Police went to retrieve the surveillance camera on the morning of the 13th짱구카지노 주소, the day after the incident, and reported it to the police upon learning that it had disappeared.

Afterwards, the police analyzed CCTV around the crime scene and discovered that a taxi stayed at the crime scene for 22 minutes.

The police immediately identified and arrested Mr. A as a suspect and conducted an investigation, but the case seemed to fall into mystery again as Mr. A stubbornly refused the charges.

However, through cell phone forensics, it was confirmed that Ms. A had stayed near her sister’s orchard the morning after the incident, and the orchard was intensively searched.

During the search, the police discovered signs of digging and dug into the ground themselves to find the stolen mobile camera.

Mr. A still denied the crime even after the police found the camera buried in the orchard, but was eventually arrested due to concerns about flight.

The police believe that Mr. A committed the crime out of revenge after being caught speeding at the scene of the incident.

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