Youngpoong Paper trading suspended with 500 billion won in receivables… Will the ‘Radeokyeon incident’ happen again?

An incident suspected of large-scale stock price manipulation has occurred again.

This is ‘Youngpoong Paper’, whose trading was suspended after the lower limit price plunged on the 18th.

It is a stock that soared from 5,000 won per share to 50,000 won in about half a year.

The amount of money that individual investors borrowed from securities firms to invest in Youngpoong Paper amounts to 500 billion won.

Prosecutors arrested four people on charges of stock price manipulation.

This is reporter Jaemin Ko’s report.

◀ Report ▶

Youngpoong Paper’s stock price, which was around 5,800 won at the beginning of this year, soared to 50,000 won at one point last August.

Ranked 164th in market capitalization in the stock market, inclusion in the ‘KOSPI 200’ is just around the corner.

However, as soon as the market opened on the 18th, stock prices plummeted to the lowest price.

A day later, financial authorities forced a halt to stock trading.

This was due to the possibility of stock price manipulation.

Prosecutors arrested four members of the group on charges of manipulating Youngpoong Paper stock prices.

[Suspicion of Youngpoong Paper stock price manipulation (Seoul Southern District Court, yesterday)]
“<How did you manipulate the stock price?>… <How many people participated together?>…” Soon

after, Kiwoom Securities lent 494.3 billion won to customers as investment funds. It was revealed that it had not been returned.

The explanation is that investors borrowed money using stocks as collateral to buy Youngpoong Paper stocks, but the stock price plummeted and trading was halted, making it impossible to get their money back.

500 billion won is close to Kiwoom Securities’ net profit in the first half of the year and is one-third of Youngpoong Paper’s current market capitalization.

Financial authorities suspect that stock price manipulation forces have mobilized multiple accounts to gradually manipulate market prices over a long period of time.

Analysis suggests that the fact that they짱구카지노

[Hwang Se-woon/Korea Capital Market Research Institute Research Fellow]
“There are similar aspects in terms of the nature of leverage. I think it should be said that cases of large-scale events occurring so frequently are rare. A somewhat stronger response is needed…” Kiwoom Securities has an

account There is a plan to get the money back by forcibly selling the remaining stocks, but it appears that the amount will not be sufficient.

Even if stock trading resumes, prices are likely to plummet until a buying trend appears.

Following the trading suspension of Youngpoong Paper, which coincided with uncertainty in the U.S. market, the balance of receivables and the amount of reverse transactions in our market reached an all-time high.

This is Go Jae-min from MBC News.

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