Taewon Choi’s twist… I only took pictures of my housemate Kim Hee-young.

SK Group Chairman Chey Tae- won attended the gala event held at the Louis Vuitton Foundation Museum in Paris last week with his housemate Kim Hee-young, chairman of the T&C Foundation, but did not release a photo of them together, drawing attention. Last week, a photo of Chairman Choi and Chairman Kim attending an official event together for the first time received attention when some media outlets reported it, but Chairman Kim did not appear in the photo posted by Chairman Choi himself this time.

Chairman Choi was seen sitting at the same table as former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the ‘One Earth, Building Bridges for a Better Future’ gala dinner event held at the Louis Vuitton Foundation Museum in Paris on the 14th (local time) through his personal social network on the 22nd. It was posted as a service ( SNS ) post먹튀검증.

Chairman Choi said, “This was an event hosted by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris last week and hosted by me. I believe that this event successfully demonstrated Korea’s cultural power and the power of sustainable connection by gathering together political, business, and artistic figures from Korea and around the world.” “I do it,” he said.

Chairman Choi added, “Many people gave high praise,” adding, “The name of the venue where the event was held was the ‘Louis Vuitton Foundation’ Museum, and it was an event that had nothing to do with the luxury brand.”

Chairman Choi received attention after some media outlets reported him attending the event and posing with his housemate, Chairman Kim. This is because it was the first time the two were photographed side by side at a public event.

Chairman Choi announced on social media that following Paris, he would move to Africa to continue supporting activities to host the Busan Expo. He wrote, “I am now in Africa. I will visit 7 countries in 8 days, return to Korea for a while, and then come back to Paris. Please pray with one mind so that I can bring good news in a month.”

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