“Be very kind” to guests with large chins… Controversy over mocking the appearance of coffee shop customers

On the 21st, an article titled토토사이트 ‘Starbucks employees mocked it, right’ was posted on an online community.

According to the story, writer A recently experienced something unpleasant at a Starbucks store. She attached a photo of the cup in question, saying, “My husband has a big chin. I went in 30 minutes before closing time and he wrote that comment.”

In the photo, the staff member’s message was written on the cup holder, “You’re eating ‘Treatly’ Trante,” and under the word ‘Treatly’ there was a dot that was presumed to mean emphasis. There was even a laughing emoticon drawn at the end of the phrase.

In response, Mr. A raised a question, saying, “I received the drink without any conversation, but the emphasis on ‘specially’ was very strange,” and added, “I did say Trante by mistake when ordering the drink. I didn’t even bother to write that down.”

‘Specially’ is presumed to be an expression combining ‘specially’ and ‘chin’, and Trente appears to have misspelled ‘Trenta’, the largest beverage size at Starbucks. Trenta has a capacity 1.5 times larger than the Venti size, equivalent to 30 ounces (887 ml).

However, Starbucks is said to have explained to Mr. A that that was not the intention.

In an additional post, Mr. A said, “I met with the regional manager a day after making the complaint.” The employee apologized and said, “It was not my intention to mock,” and added, “It was a word I was trying to use for fun, and I didn’t know the product name, so I was using it differently.” “It was explained,” he said.

He continued, “I hated that employee, but since it might be his job to make a living, I met him to get an apology and move on. To me, it sounded like an excuse. I brought him a tumbler as compensation, but he refused. It’s disappointing how Starbucks handled it.”

Regarding the controversy, a Starbucks official said, “We are sorry that a small event in which we wrote three or more phrases on the sleeve (cup holder) and provided them randomly to customers to provide a new experience resulted in a situation where customers were misunderstood and felt uncomfortable. “I’m thinking about it,” he said.

The content of the memo changes every day, and humorous expressions such as ‘Monday date’, ‘Going’, and ‘Byulchi’ are often used. Therefore, it was explained that ‘You eat Trante so well’ was just an example of a humorous expression and was not intended to ridicule the chin or the expression of the consumer.

He also said, “To prevent similar cases, we will do our best to prevent recurrence without misunderstandings or inconveniences through re-education regarding company-wide partners.”

Netizens who heard the story generally took issue with the Starbucks manager’s careless behavior. They showed reactions such as ‘I don’t think they are joking about their appearance’ and ‘It looks like they wrote that because they came after work hours.’ Regarding Starbucks’ disappointing response, criticism continued, such as ‘It doesn’t seem like they have the intention to solve the problem with just one tumbler’ and ‘Do they really need to make the excuse that it was a random event?’

On the other hand, some showed reactions such as ‘It seems like they are overreacting even though it is a meaningless statement’ and ‘It seems like they are making it public in hopes of receiving financial compensation.’

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