“Why can I see you getting an injection?” Lee Seon-kyun’s fortune telling is a shaman ‘Gooseum’

While actor Lee Sun-kyun is under internal investigation on drug use charges, a video of a shaman spelling fortune telling from three years ago, which seems to have predicted this, is once again attracting attention. While inquiries about this shaman were flooding in, unfortunately, he passed away two years ago due to a chronic illness.

In March 2020, a video was released on the YouTube channel ‘Almighty TV’ in which a shaman explains the fortunes of director Bong Joon-ho and actors Song Kang-ho and Lee Sun-kyun of the four-time Academy Award-winning film ‘Parasite’.

In the video, when the Suwon shaman heard Lee Seon-kyun’s invocation, he tilted his head and asked, “Why can I see this person in handcuffs?” and then said, “I think this person will have an argument.”

He continued, “It was not my own will, but by others,” and “I don’t know why I suddenly see this.” He asked the production crew, “This person won’t do anything like that (drugs), right?” and then added, “I can see him wearing handcuffs and getting an injection.”

The shaman said, “I don’t know,” in his overall review of Seon-gyu Lee’s invocation. I will speak as his grandmother (God) tells me. Be careful, because the reputation you have built up can be destroyed overnight. It’s not going to work just by turning your head. “Be especially careful in October,” he warned. The shaman was surprised and said, “This is the first time I’ve suddenly felt something like this.”

Coincidentally, as predicted by this shaman, Lee Seon-kyun caused a great shock three years later, in October 2023, when he was suspected of drug use.

As this video became known, netizens asked, “Where is it?”, but the shaman had already passed away.

As inquiries poured in, Sein Media, the production company of ‘Almighty TV’, posted on the YouTube community on the 20th, “The video in question was filmed three years ago and contains various opinions from shamans. “I remember that the teacher, the main character of the video, was living under the gaze of those around him and the hardships of life as a shaman,” he said. “I asked around, but I received information that the teacher passed away about two years ago due to poor health.” .

On the 20th, the day after the report on the ‘top actor drug suspicion internal investigation’, Lee Sun-kyun’s agency, Hodu&U Entertainment, acknowledged that the top actor was Lee Sun-kyun and said, “We are currently confirming the exact facts regarding the suspicions raised against actor Lee Sun-kyun토토사이트, and we cannot proceed in the future.” “I will faithfully participate in investigations by existing investigative agencies with a sincere attitude,” he said.

The agency added that Lee Sun-gyun claimed that he was extorted 350 million won by continuously being blackmailed and threatened by Mr. A and two unidentified people involved in the incident, and filed a complaint against the two people to the prosecution.

The drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon Police Agency is investigating a total of eight people, including Seon-gyun Lee, by conducting an internal investigation (pre-booking investigation) or criminally booking them on charges of violating the law on drug management. The police, who were investigating a drug case at an entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul, obtained drug information from eight people, including entertainment industry officials including Lee Sun-gyun, and entertainment establishment workers, and began investigating them. Among the seven people who were investigated along with Lee Sun-kyun, it was reported that influencer Hwang Hana, Big Bang’s T.O.P, and Han Seo-hee, a former singer trainee who was found guilty on three drug charges including marijuana, were included.

However, the police said that although intelligence indicates that they used drugs at entertainment establishments and residences, it has not yet been confirmed whether they actually used drugs.

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