‘Top actor’ drug investigation is ‘shaky’ again… “Internal investigation of 8 people, including famous celebrities”

The police have launched an internal investigation to confirm allegations that a famous top actor took drugs.

The Incheon Police Agency’s drug investigation짱구카지노 unit announced that it is investigating the suspicion that eight people, including famous celebrity A, had taken drugs several times this year at entertainment establishments and residences in Gangnam, Seoul.

Mr. A, who was the subject of an internal investigation, was known as a famous actor who appeared in leading roles in many domestic dramas and movies and was still active until recently.

Among them, some of Mr. A’s acquaintances were aspiring celebrities and employees of entertainment establishments, and it was reported that some had drug convictions.

It is known that the police obtained information regarding Mr. A’s suspicion of drug use while investigating the distribution of drugs in entertainment establishments.

A police official said, “Some people have been booked, but the specific number cannot be said because the investigation is still in progress.”

The agency of the named actor has not yet released an official statement.

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