‘No-show customer, the way he speaks is strange’… A dental hygienist’s intuition saved a life

An anecdote was revealed in which a dental hygienist in Sejong sensed something strange in his tone while talking on the phone with a ‘no-show customer’ and called 119 to save his life.

According to the Sejong City Fire Department on the 20th, Oh Yoon-mi (35), a dental hygienist working at a Sejong dental clinic, called and chatted with a client who had made a reservation at the hospital the day before when he did not show up.

Ms. Oh sensed that there was a problem with the customer while she was on the phone , so she called 119 and reported, “I’m talking to the customer, but his speech seems a bit slurred and strange.” Choi So-young (30), an emergency management worker who received the report , attempted to call

the customer several times and was eventually토스카지노 able to contact him. However, only occasional groaning could be heard through her receiver.

Choi Fire Brigade sensed that it was a dangerous situation and gave a ‘pumpulance’ command for emergency measures.

A fire pump truck equipped with emergency equipment and an ambulance were dispatched together.

The fire headquarters looked up the customer’s mobile phone location information and identified the customer’s location. A while later , Mr. A (63) was found sitting

in a field near his house in Wachon-ri, Sejong City . At the time of discovery, Ms. A was unconscious with symptoms of hemiplegia, and her stroke scale test confirmed a suspected stroke. Ms. A was transferred to a nearby cerebrovascular center and she is currently receiving drug treatment in the intensive care unit. An official from the fire headquarters said, “If the discovery had been a little later, he could have had to undergo surgery or be in critical condition.” He added, “Thanks to active reporting by citizens, accurate judgment of the situation by firefighters, and quick response by paramedics, we were able to save precious lives.” did.

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