Following Netflix, Disney+ also blocks account sharing “Only within the same household”

Following Netflix, Disney Plus is also moving to limit account sharing. As competition in the streaming service market accelerates and the growth of online video service ( OTT ) subscribers slows, it is analyzed that they are looking for a way to survive by cracking down on account sharing.

Disney Plus recently sent notice of changes to its terms of use to Korean subscribers, informing them not to 굿모닝토토their subscription membership with anyone other than their household. Disney Plus specifically stated in its terms and conditions that “subscription memberships must not be shared outside of households,” and that “households are a collection of devices linked to the subscriber’s primary personal residence.” This means that you should not share your account with people you know who live in different places. Disney announced that the policy prohibiting sharing of Disney Plus passwords will be implemented in the United States and Canada starting from the 1st of next month.

In fact, it is not yet clear whether Disney Plus will crack down on account sharing. However, there are predictions in the industry that even if no practical restrictions are imposed immediately, there will be crackdown measures in the long term. Disney has been struggling, suffering losses worth $10 billion since entering the streaming market with Disney Plus in 2019.

Previously, Netflix also introduced account sharing paid membership in 100 countries in May. If you want to share your Netflix account with someone outside your family, you have to pay extra. Netflix added 5.9 million subscribers worldwide in the second quarter through account sharing.

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