“Why are Lee Sun-kyun handcuffed?” A shaman’s ‘unfortunate story’

While actor Lee Sun-kyun is known to be under investigation by the police on drug charges, a remark made by a shaman three years ago that seemed to have predicted this is being reexamined. However, it is known that this shaman passed away two years ago.

According to the YouTube channel Almighty TV on the 20th , in the video titled ‘Director Bong Joon-ho, Song Kang-ho, and Lee Seon-kyun’s fortune teller from the Academy Award winner ‘Parasite’ uploaded in March 2020, there was a scene where Geumhwadang, a shaman, sees Lee Sun-gyun’s fortune teller.

This shaman said about Lee Seon-gyun, “To me, this person is…” and then was surprised, “Why do I see him handcuffed?”

At the same time, he said, “It seems like he might be criticized by others rather than of his own volition,” and wondered, “I guess this person doesn’t do drugs or anything, right?”

He, who saw scenes of people being handcuffed and receiving injections, advised Lee Sun-gyun, “You need to be careful because you can forget the reputation you built up overnight,” and “You need to be especially careful in October.”

This video was rediscovered and became a hot topic online after it was revealed that Lee Sun-kyun was being investigated on drug charges.

However, it is known that the shaman in question passed away two years ago due to worsening health.

The YouTuber who uploaded the video said, “I remember that the main character of the video was a shaman who was living under the gaze of those around him and the hardships of life,” and added, “Due to this issue, the teacher in question became famous and there were many inquiries asking for his contact information and address. “He said.

He continued, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, and I went to see you to inform you of the current situation, but the address where you live was not available.” He added, “I asked around to find out just in case, and I learned that the teacher토토사이트 passed away about two years ago due to poor health.” revealed.

Meanwhile, Lee Sun-kyun’s agency, Hodu & U Entertainment, released an official statement saying, “We intend to participate in the upcoming investigation with a sincere attitude.”

The explanation is that Lee Sun-gyun received continuous blackmail and threats from a specific person related to the case, and submitted a complaint to the investigative agency.

According to a report in the Gyeonggi Newspaper, Lee Seon-kyun reportedly gave around 200 million won under pressure to supply drugs.

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