Lee Sun-gyun is the top star under ‘drug suspicion’… Agency: “We will faithfully participate in the investigation”

The famous actor said to have been involved in a drug-related investigation was revealed to be Lee Sun-gyun. The agency stated, “We will faithfully participate in the investigation.”

On the 20th, Hodu&U Entertainment, the agency, said, “We would like to deeply apologize for causing concern through reports about actor Lee Sun-kyun.”

According to the agency, Lee Sun-kyun received continuous blackmail and threats from Mr. A, another person related to the case, and submitted a complaint to the investigative agency.

The agency said, “We are confirming the exact facts regarding the suspicions raised against Lee Sun-kyun, and we will faithfully participate in any future investigations by investigative agencies with a truthful attitude,” adding, “False information has been confirmed due to posts containing malicious or false content.” “If it is spread, we will take strong action,” he said.

The day before, it was reported through several media reports that the drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon Police Agency was investigating a total of eight people, including movie star Mr. L, on charges of violating the law on drug management. As Mr. L’s debut process was reported, speculation arose online that Mr. L was Lee Sun-kyun.

Although Lee Seon-kyun is still an internal criminal, police are said to have found clues related to his drug use.

According to the legal community, as announced by the agency, Lee Sun-kyun’s side recently filed a complaint to the prosecution through his lawyer against one of the people involved in the incident on charges of blackmail. Lee Sun-kyun is said to have claimed, “I was threatened in connection with the drug case and was defrauded of hundreds of millions of won.”

A police official said, “We are not investigating the case filed by Lee Sun-kyun, so we do not know the specific details,” and added, “We will continue to investigate those involved in the drug use case or those booked.”

It was confirmed that other internal victims include those with a history of drug use, such as Mr. B, a third-generation chaebol family member, and Mr. C, an aspiring singer. However, only the names of Mr. B and Mr. C were revealed during the investigation of another person involved in this incident, and the suspicion of drug use was not specifically revealed.

For this reason, the police classified Mr. B and Mr. C as internal offenders rather than suspects, and plan to check whether they are suspected of drug use.

Eight people, including Lee Seon-gyun, are suspected of having taken drugs several times this year at entertainment establishments or residential areas in Gangnam, Seoul.

Last month, the police received information that drugs were being distributed in Gangnam entertainment establishments, and during the investigation, they also obtained information related to Lee Seon-gyun. Lee Sun-kyun, who made his face known through MBC’s

sitcom ‘Lovers’ in 2001, received a lot of attention with ‘White Tower’ in 2007. Since then, he has clearly established himself as a top actor in ‘Coffee Prince’s 1st Shop’, ‘Pasta’, and ‘Golden Time’. In 2012, the movies ‘Hwacha’ and ‘All About My Wife’ were box office successes, successfully settling into the film industry. He won the Baeksang Arts Awards Best Male Actor Award in the movie category for the 2015 film ‘Going to the End’, and the drama ‘My Mister’, which he appeared in in 2018, also received favorable reviews. In 2019, he appeared in director Bong Joon-ho’s film ‘Parasite’ and walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, joining the ranks of ’10 million actors’. As Lee Sun-kyun is implicated in the drug investigation, the works he has participated in are expected to suffer setbacks. According to the broadcasting industry, Lee Sun-kyun was about to start filming the new drama ‘No Way Out’. Also, the disaster thriller film ‘Escape: Project Silence’, with Lee Sun-kyun cast as the lead, was scheduled to be released within this year.

Lee Sun-kyun’s agency statement


This is Hodu&U Entertainment.

First, we would like to deeply apologize for causing concern through reports about actor Lee Sun-gyun, who토토사이트 is affiliated with our company.

We are currently verifying the exact facts regarding the allegations raised against actor Lee Sun-kyun, and we intend to faithfully participate in any future investigations by investigative agencies with a sincere attitude.

In addition, actor Lee Seon-gyun received continuous blackmail and threats from Mr. A, a person related to the incident, and filed a complaint with the investigative agency.

We will inform you of future progress in this regard through our legal representative. We ask for your generous understanding.

Additionally, we plan to take strong action if false information is spread due to malicious or false posts.

Once again, we would like to express our deepest apologies for causing concern.

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