“A heart stronger than anyone else”… ‘Health controversy’ Ahn Cheol-soo runs full marathon course

People Power Party lawmaker Ahn Cheol-soo announced that he would soon run a full-course marathon.

On the 19th, Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo posted a selfie photo that appears to have been taken in Rome, Italy, on Instagram. Rep. Ahn wrote along with the photo, “I woke up at dawn and ran 6.43km during the inspection of overseas embassies by the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee.” At the same time, he also shared a photo captured from a smartphone application showing that he ran 6.43 km for 38 minutes and 32 seconds and burned 447 calories

Representative Ahn Cheol-soo’s office then announced through a press notice, “Rep. Ahn will participate in the full course section of the Chuncheon Marathon held on the 29th.” The Chuncheon Marathon is a competition hosted by Chosun Ilbo and Sports Chosun, and eligible participants are men and women aged 18 or older and in good health.

The lawmaker’s office also emphasized, “Rep. Ahn is a healthy middle-aged person who supports the Republic of Korea,” and “He may not know it, but he has a stronger and stronger heart than anyone else.”

Rep. Ahn’s move appears to be aimed at directly overcoming the ‘health controversy’ recently raised by political critic Jang Seong-cheol, director of the Public Opinion Center.

Director Jang claimed on CBS Radio’s ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’ on the 17th, “Rep. Ahn had heart problems, so there were two dangerous situations.” This was a remark made by former People Power Party leader Lee Jun-seok while analyzing his recent remark targeting Rep. Ahn, saying, “I don’t deal with sick people.” Director Jang said, “Former Representative Lee Jun-seok was expressing that Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo was not in good health, but he did not approach him saying he had a mental problem.”

In response, Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo’s office took a strong stance, saying, “They are deceiving the public with malicious false information to support former representative Lee Jun-seok’s sarcasm,” and added, “If the false remarks are not corrected and apologized within the day, we will take legal action.” However, Director Jang made a new statement. They responded by exposing the facts.

On the same day, Director Jang posted on Facebook, “Please understand that you have threatened to take legal action against me, so I have no choice but to respond.” He added, “On the afternoon of June 2, 2022, Rep. Ahn collapsed, CPR was performed, and he was taken by ambulance. “I feel bad having to reveal토토사이트 that I went to the emergency room at Bundang Jesaeng Hospital. If you continue to threaten me, I will also reveal photos of the ambulance,” he wrote.

Son Soo-jo “Ahn Clinic’s emergency room visit is due to overwork”

Meanwhile, Leaders’ Club CEO Son Soo-jo, who served as Ahn Cheol-soo’s camp spokesperson at the national convention earlier this year, appeared on BBS’s Buddhist broadcaster ‘Jeon Young-sin’s Morning Journal’ on the 18th and said that while it is true that Ahn went to the emergency room after receiving CPR, it was due to overwork and not a heart condition. He said it was because of this.

Representative Son said, “During the last local elections, Rep. Ahn went to a lot of national support campaigns. He was forced to march without sleeping a few hours a day, and on June 2nd, he collapsed from overwork while touring the election case.” He then criticized the CPR, saying, “It was because the person next to him was surprised when he collapsed and there was nothing wrong after he woke up,” adding, “The reason I talk about health abnormalities is because I want to get into trouble.”

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