Gaza hospital explosion disaster… “At least 500 dead”

While the war between Israel and the Palestinian armed faction Hamas is intensifying, a large-scale explosion occurred at a private hospital in the northern part of the Gaza Strip ruled by Hamas.

As approximately 500 people, including refugees, are reported to have died, this war has reached a critical crossroads.

The first news is reported by reporter Shin Jun-myeong.

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A hospital engulfed in flames.

An explosion that occurred suddenly after dark threw the area around the hospital into chaos.

In a hurry, they used blankets as stretchers to transport the injured, and covered the bodies that had already died with white cloth.

On the night of the 17th, local time, a large-scale explosion occurred at Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in the center of Gaza City, north of the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip’s health ministry said at least 500 people were killed and hundreds more injured in Israeli airstrikes.

AFP news agency reported that about 300 people have died, but the death toll is expected to rise further as many people are still trapped under the rubble of the building and have not been rescued.

The injured were rushed to the nearby Al-Shifa Hospital, but they are lying on the floor amidst the crowds, awaiting treatment.

Al-Ahli Hospital is one of 20 hospitals in the northern region that the Israeli military ordered to evacuate, and is said to be a medical facility that was doing its best to provide relief to토토사이트 refugees and casualties.

Medical staff strongly condemned the explosion, saying that children, the elderly, and refugees had died in large numbers.

[Abu Al Rishi/Deputy Minister of Health, Gaza Strip]
“I am telling the world. They are attacking hospitals in front of the world.”

Israeli media reported that if this attack is confirmed to be an Israeli airstrike, it would be the greatest damage in the Gaza Strip since 2008.

[Richard Pipercorn/World Health Organization Representative for the West Bank and Gaza Strip]
“This attack is on an unprecedented scale. However, the World Health Organization has observed continued attacks on medical facilities in the occupied Palestinian territories.”

In the 12th day of fighting between Hamas and Israel, 4,500 people have been killed and 14,000 injured on both sides.

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