Driving a Porsche worth hundreds of millions of dollars… Diving for 10 days after spending 60,000 won in agency fees

We have received토토사이트 a report that the driver of a sports car worth hundreds of millions of dollars has not yet paid the 60,000 won surrogate driving fee he used in the early morning hours. The driver even pretended to be someone else when reporters called.

This is reporter Ansu Kim.


Mr. A, in his 40s, received a call to be a designated driver at Gangnam Station in Seoul in the early morning of the 8th.

The customer was driving a Porsche worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

He asked to go to Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, so he set off, but changed his destination to Cheongdam-dong midway.

[Mr. A/Victim Agent: He said he would make a bank transfer and then just walked away.]

The money did not arrive for over 20 minutes.

The call came again.

When I went there, I saw that it was the owner of the Porsche from earlier.

[Mr. A/Victim Agent: I would like to ask you to do the same as before. When I said this… ‘yes. ‘I understand’ (I said)]

I went over 40km from Gangnam Station to Cheongdam-dong and back to Gwangmyeong.

When he arrived in Gwangmyeong, he was told that the account transfer was not possible again.

[Mr. A/victim representative: I went up with reassurance, saying, ‘I have a friend who lives with me, so I will ask for a favor.’]

And there was no contact for 10 days.

A person who drives a car worth hundreds of millions of won has taken out 60,000 won in agency fees.

Our reporters called.

[Porsche owner: {I heard you didn’t pay the proxy fee a few days ago?} Let me check. I turn the car around and get in. {Who do you share the car with?} Wouldn’t it be okay to give it to you?]

Mr. A next to me said that he was the owner of the car.

[Mr. A/Victim Agent: Why are you pretending to be someone else when you are yourself? I even remember the voice.]

On the day I paid the proxy fee, it took over two hours to return home to Cheongna, Incheon.

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