A drunk driver who hung on to a police officer’s car… Police officer ‘unconscious’

A man in his 40s was sentenced to prison for allegedly injuring a police officer who was cracking down on drunk driving by hanging him from a car window. As a result of this accident, the police officer underwent brain surgery, but he did not return to consciousness and is reportedly receiving treatment at a nursing hospital.

On the 17th, the 6th Criminal Division of the Busan District Court (Chief Judge Tae-eop Kim) sentenced Mr. A, who was indicted on charges of special obstruction of official duties and violation of the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving), to three years in prison.

Mr. A is accused of driving a car for approximately 1.3 km in Dongrae-gu, Busan at approximately 0:50 am on June 19, 2020, while intoxicated with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.112%, which is the level of license cancellation. At that time, Inspector B, who was dispatched after receiving a report of suspected drunk driving, put his body in the window of Mr. A’s car and demanded that he turn off the engine and get out of the vehicle.

Mr. A drove in a zigzag manner for 800 meters with Inspector B hanging from the window, and Inspector B was thrown onto the road. Lieutenant B was diagnosed with injuries including concussion and 3 weeks of displacement due to the impact of the accident, and collapsed while wearing his work uniform three months after the accident. Inspector B underwent brain surgery, but he did not return to consciousness and is said to be receiving treatment at a nursing hospital.

The court said, “He was driving a vehicle토토사이트 in a drunken state and when he was arrested, he ran away even though he was notified by the police officer to get off. Considering the circumstances of the crime, the method of the crime, and the degree of damage, the nature of the crime is very serious.” .

Reporter Na Kyung-yeon (contest@kmib.co.kr)

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