“Everyone will be happy if I don’t have a husband”… Mother killed because she couldn’t stand domestic violence

A wife in her 30s who killed her husband while suffering from domestic violence was sentenced to probation in the appeals court.

On the 16th, the Ulsan Trial Division of the Busan High Court, Criminal Division 1 (Director Son Cheol-woo), announced on the 16th that it dismissed the prosecution’s appeal against Mr. A, who was put on trial on murder charges, and maintained the same suspended prison sentence as the original trial.

Ms. A was indicted on charges of causing her husband, Mr. B, in his 30s, to drink coffee laced with sleeping pills at her home in Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do in July last year and then pressing her face with a pillow to kill her.

After Mr. B failed in his construction-related business in 2017, he gave up on her economic activities, drank together every day, and committed domestic violence against Mr. A. Mr. A was dissatisfied with Mr. B’s behavior, and on the day of the incident, Mr. B abused him by demanding unreasonable sexual relations, and committed the crime and then surrendered. During the police investigation, Ms. A reportedly stated, “I thought everyone would be comfortable without my husband.”

In the first trial held as a public participation trial안전놀이터, seven jurors unanimously recommended a sentence of three years in prison and four years of probation. The first trial court accepted the jury’s opinion, saying, “As a result of the defendant’s crime, the bereaved family lost a precious family member and suffered psychological wounds that cannot be healed for the rest of their lives,” and added, “There are circumstances to consider regarding the motive for the crime, such as ongoing domestic violence.”

The prosecution appealed, saying his sentence was unjust because it was too light. However, the appellate court also said, “Overwhelmed by fear, she became obsessed with the extreme idea that she could protect herself and her children only if her husband disappeared, and committed the crime accidentally. If Ms. A is detained, the children will have to grow up in the absence of their parents. , Mr. B’s bereaved family also submitted a petition,” the reason for the dismissal was stated.

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