Ahn Cheol-soo “I treated him well and he was arrogant”… Lee Jun-seok “I don’t deal with sick people”

Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo of the People Power Party and former leader Lee Jun-seok are continuing their war of nerves, pouring out crude expressions toward each other every day. There are even concerns that it may have gone too far.

On the 16th, Representative Ahn criticized former Representative Lee as an ‘arrogant spoiled brat’, and former Representative Lee responded by calling Representative Ahn a ‘sick person’ at the press conference. Rep. Ahn then disparaged the scene where former Representative Lee shed tears during the interview, calling it the ‘devil’s tear show.’

Rep. Ahn held a press conference at the National Assembly Communication Center on this day and said, “I will request disciplinary action to expel Lee Jun-seok from the party’s ethics committee along with the 16,036 citizens who participated in the voluntary signature campaign to expel Lee Jun-seok.”

Since the 14th, Rep. Ahn has been collecting online signatures regarding the expulsion and disciplinary action of former representative Lee. Those who participated in the petition were present at the conference on this day.

Rep. Ahn criticized, “Former leader Lee Jun-seok is at the peak of arrogance by sarcastic and ridiculing the party through broadcast appearances and only firing internal shots even after he was disciplined for causing conflict due to his self-righteousness that he created President Yoon Seok-yeol with his own strength.” did.

He said, “I entered politics at a young age thanks to the blessings of the Park Geun-hye administration, and when they praised and treated me to reform the party, my arrogance reached its peak. How long are we going to allow this spoiled brat to cause trouble for the party? Let’s watch “I wonder how much it hurts former President Park Geun-hye, who is still alive,” he said.

Rep. Ahn said that former representative Lee spread his ‘swearing controversy’ that arose during a campaign to support Gangseo-gu as if it were fact, and that the Democratic Party of Korea later issued a statement criticizing it, saying, “The fake news incident committed by Lee Jun-seok against our party during the Gangseo-gu mayor election. “It was an election sabotage operation,” he said.

He said, “If Lee Jun-seok is left alone, he will fire shots at the party again in next year’s general election, and he will produce fake news and appear on broadcasts to ridicule and ridicule the party.” He added, “To prevent such incidents, a severe punishment is needed. “He emphasized.

He continued, “Rather than Lee Jun-seok, who predicts that the election will be lost by a certain percentage, we have someone on our side who works together to secure at least one more vote,” and added, “Lee Jun-seok, a minus-3 candidate who cannot predict his own election in the district, suddenly lost in the Gangseo-gu mayor election. “It is truly strange to see someone being treated like a Taoist,” he said sarcastically.

On this day, former representative Lee held a press conference at the National Assembly communication center 40 minutes later than Representative Ahn and urged the government토토사이트 and the ruling party to change their attitudes. Several times during the press conference, he stopped speaking as if he was choking and wiped away his tears with a tissue.

Former Representative Lee met with reporters after the press conference and was asked about Rep. Ahn, who is currently collecting online signatures for his expulsion, and replied, “I don’t deal with sick people.”

After former leader Lee’s press conference, Rep. Ahn wrote on Facebook, “To avoid the fire of expulsion, former leader Lee showed a show of devil’s tears by directly attacking the president and the party,” adding, “It is clear that he is trying to build up a justification for leaving the party.” He criticized.

He continued, “It is too late to appeal to the party’s sentiments with a show of tears. I believe that the party can only survive if Lee Jun-seok is expelled.” He added, “It is true that only expansionist politics that removes bad people and brings in good people can have hope in next year’s general elections.” “I emphasize this again,” he added.

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