Gangnam plastic surgery clinic that caused blindness… There was also a patient with ‘facial paralysis’

Recently, an additional case of facial paralysis was reported at a famous plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam, Seoul, where a blindness accident occurred.

Ms. Kim, a woman in her 20s, said that after receiving facial contouring and double jaw surgery two years ago at the Gangnam Plastic Surgery Clinic, her face was paralyzed, one eye could not close properly, and when she smiled, only one corner of her mouth went up, according to JTBC on the 13th . reported. Kim is said to have developed social phobia following her facial paralysis and lost her job.

Afterwards, when Mr. Kim complained to토토사이트 the plastic surgery clinic, the hospital paid about 3.3 million won, saying it was ‘part of the treatment cost supported morally.’ However, the university hospital told me that they could not give me the 30 million won for the surgery and that I should file a lawsuit if I wanted to receive it.

When Mr. Kim filed a lawsuit, the hospital explained possible complications before surgery and claimed that there was no negligence.

When the coverage began, the hospital told JTBC, “We asked for a lawsuit because we need evidence to compensate for a large amount of money,” and added, “We will pay once the appropriate amount is determined after a physical evaluation . ”Meanwhile, at the plastic surgery clinic, an accident occurred last May in which a male patient in his 50s who underwent surgery to relocate fat under the eye lost his right vision due to damage to the optic nerve. At first, the hospital said it would only take responsibility for this man at a moral level, but when media coverage began, it said it would compensate according to the range of compensation determined by the court.

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