‘Coupang early morning delivery’ subcontractor found dead… Delivery box at the bedside

“So that there will never be any deaths from overwork again.”

Yesterday (12th), a memorial service was held for a young worker in front of Coupang headquarters in Seoul.

The late Jang Deok-jun, who worked at the Coupang logistics center, was found dead three years ago after repeatedly working all night.

It was even determined that he died from overwork, but the bereaved family claims that Coupang did not take proper measures even after that.

And today (13th), another worker passed away early in the morning.

I am a delivery driver in my 60s who works for a Coupang subcontractor.

It was determined that he worked for close to 11 hours a day, mainly in the early morning hours, and three delivery boxes were placed next to the deceased worker.

This is reporter Lee Yu-min.


In the dark of dawn, an ambulance is standing behind a large cargo truck, and police are busy coming and going in front of the building.

At around 4:45 this morning, a report was received that “a person was lying down” in the hallway of a villa in Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do.

Paramedics arrived after receiving a report from residents and took the man who had collapsed here to the hospital, but he was already dead.

The deceased man was Mr. Park, a delivery driver in his 60s.

At the time of discovery, there were three Coupang boxes scattered around.

[Delivery driver in the same area: “It’s not like any other day. It’s different for each region, but this one is a little difficult.”]

Mr. Park is a self-employed person belonging to a logistics company that has signed a contract with Coupang Logistics Service ( CLS ), Coupang’s logistics delivery subsidiary.

He worked for about a year, his commission was per case, his working hours were from 8 pm to 7 am, and he was in charge of early morning deliveries.

The working hours recorded for Mr. Park are approximately 52 hours a week, but the Ministry of Labor notifies that 30% of late-night work must be added in the event of an industrial accident, so analysis shows that the actual work intensity is more than 67 hours a week.

[Kwon Dong-hee/Labor Attorney: “If you worked early in the morning, (work hours) could be much longer. If you do such pressured work, where you are pressed for time, etc., the physical intensity is too high…”] The courier union said that Mr. Park’s death was a clear case of overwork

. He urged Coupang to take improvement measures.

[Jin Kyung-ho/Chairman of the Courier Workers’ Union: “I have been working under a system that operates at full capacity for 12 hours during the day and 10 hours at night. The fatigue is accumulating.”] The police plan to request an autopsy on Mr. Park to confirm the exact cause of death

. .

Coupang said that Mr. Park, who died, was not a Coupang employee but a private business owner of a logistics agency, and that the delivery volume was understood to be at a normal level.

He also added that it has not been confirmed whether Mr. Park died from overwork.

This is Lee Yu-min of KBS News.

Photographer: Seo Won-cheol, Kim Tae-seok/Video editor: Shin Nam-gyu/Graphics: Noh Gyeong-il, Park Mi-joo


Coupang, which boasts fast delivery that even delivers early in the morning, is particularly slow.

It is time to settle the sales price to the small business owners who supplied the goods.

The burden of delayed settlement fell entirely on small business owners.

Reporter Min Jeong-hee reports.


This grocery wholesaler, which sells beverages and canned goods through Coupang, is always worried about payment settlement.

This is because online distribution platform Coupang settles sales payments too late.

The settlement amount, minus the 11% commission토토사이트, does not arrive in your bank account until about a month after the sale, and even then, only about 70% of the total amount is deposited.

Money to buy the next item is bound to be tight.

[Grocery company representative Mr. A: “You must deposit cash unconditionally to receive the product. If the product is sold and payment is not made on time, we cannot purchase it.”] This company ended up contacting a bank three years ago

. I am receiving a loan.

The structure is to first borrow that much money from a bank using the sales documents showing that the product was sold as collateral, and the bank then receives the loan repayment from the platform.

Even if you make the settlement on time, you are doing business while paying interest that you do not need to pay.

[Kim Jong-min/Member of the National Assembly Political Affairs Committee/Democratic Party of Korea: “Most of the companies operating on the platform are small and medium-sized merchants. It is truly unfair that these people have to pay interest unfairly…”] Coupang’s settlement is particularly harsh

. It’s late.

In the case of Gmarket, nearly 60% of payments are made within 10 days and only 26% are paid over 30 days, but Coupang pays most (95%) of payments after 30 days.

In addition, since the standard is the time of ‘consumer purchase confirmation’ rather than the time of sale, you may not be able to receive payment for up to two months.

Coupang said it is adhering to the current law of 60 days for the maximum settlement period, but announced that it will create a prepayment system within the year.

Loans to small business owners, which are rapidly increasing every year, amount to 600 billion won per year from KB Kookmin Bank alone.

A bill that would allow platforms to more quickly settle sales proceeds to small business owners is still pending in the National Assembly.

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