A foreign skill trainer’s visit to Korea, ‘Butterfly Effect’ created by Seungjun Lee’s DM

Skill trainer Coleman Ayers (24, By Any Means Basketball), who is in charge of skill training for NBA players, visited Korea. It was the ‘butterfly effect’ created by a DM sent by Seungjun Lee and Lim Wonjun.

Ayers, who entered the country on the 4th, conducted skill training for youth clubs and elite players in various parts of the country, including Seoul, Cheongju, and Busan, until the 9th. Seungjun Lee and Lim Wonjun also participated and helped with skill training.

Ayers was in charge of skill training for NBA players playing for the Washington Wizards, Toronto Raptors, and LA Clippers. Ijay Anosike, who played for Suwon KT last season, is also a player who had a connection with Ayers. Skill training was conducted in about 20 countries, including the United States, Spain, and Australia, and the YouTube channel operated by Ayers has 400,000 subscribers.

DMs sent by Seungjun Lee and Lim Wonjun on social media played a decisive role in Ayers visiting Korea. About a year ago, they sent a DM saying, “We are fans who admire your skill training method,” and Ayers responded and their relationship began. Afterwards, a consensus was reached to conduct skill training together in Korea, and the visit to Korea was made possible thanks to sponsorship from Hansol Remicon and Wilson, where Seungjun Lee played.

Prism Hoops, BL City, and Bounce Entertainment, where Seungjun Lee and Lim Wonjun are skill trainers, helped recruit skill training participants through social media. “About 200 people participated,” an official explained.

Ayers, who stayed in Korea for a week, will travel to Vietnam on the 11th to continue skill training. Jump Ball was able to meet Ayers just before leaving the country and hear about how he became a skill trainer and the importance of skill training.

Ayers said, “I played at St. John’s College, but I was a poor player. To build my skills, I sought out skill training and studied on my own, and my colleagues also received my help. Afterwards, as the name became known in the region, it was expanded to include online classes. “When I graduated from school, I thought about going to college, but I have a strong passion for being a skill trainer, so I continue to do this job,” he said.

Ayers also said, “I came to Korea thinking it would be a fun experience, but I was surprised that the youth’s skills were better than expected. I also remember the court attack held at Pusan ​​National University and Olympic Park. All the Koreans I met were polite and gave me the impression that they respected each other. “It was a great time because I was able to see메이저사이트 Korean landmarks that I had seen on the Internet in person,” he said with a smile.

Ayers, along with Lee Seung-jun and Im Won-jun, conducted skill training for the Dream Team of Cheongju’s youth basketball class and elite players from Myeongji High School. I also met Sonia Kim, Lee Seung-jun’s wife and is active at Incheon Shinhan Bank, and trained together.

Ayers said, “It helped me play creative basketball. Training should be serious, but I also wanted to make it interesting and fun. Of course, team training is important in basketball, but individual skill improvement is necessary for the team to develop. In this respect, the importance of skill training will increase in the future. “Korea will also be able to develop further if it has a culture and mindset to challenge other systems in addition to limited training,” he said.

Ayers also said, “Seungjun Lee gave me a lot of help. I felt that he had a great passion for basketball. “I hope he will continue to be a person who helps develop Korean basketball,” he added. Seungjun Lee said, “I had similar goals with Prism Hoops, and I thought there was no end to learning. He felt that he should not settle for ‘I learned everything.’ He responded, “He is a really cool person.”

Ayers’ goal is to make skill training more active. Ayers said, “The United States has a well-established environment where skill training is easily accessible. I hope that other countries will have a similar environment, and personally, I will work hard to create gyms in other countries as well. “I hope the day will come when I can come to Korea again,” he said, expressing his determination.

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