“Hamas kidnapped my 3- and 5-year-old daughters”… Israeli families screaming

Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic militant group that carried out a surprise attack on Israel, is said to have kidnapped not only the elderly and women, but also children under the age of five. It is estimated that about 150 hostages are being held in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Hamas warned that it would execute prisoners if Israel bombed civilian homes. According to foreign media reports such as the BBC on the 10th, Yoni Asher, a man living in Israel, said that his wife and two young daughters, Raz (5) and Aviv (3), were taken to the Gaza Strip by Hamas members

. He was on the phone with his wife when Hamas made a surprise attack on Israel on the 7th. Before being kidnapped, his wife and two daughters were staying with relatives near the Gaza Strip. Her wife told him “there are terrorists in the house” and then hung up on her. Yoni Asher was unable to reconnect, so he traced his wife’s cell phone and found that it had moved to the Gaza Strip. He later discovered a video on social media showing his wife 안전놀이터and daughters being kidnapped and moved by Hamas members. He said, “I can’t sleep (since the incident). “These little babies should not have been captured by terrorists,” he said. “If you could trade me and my family, I would gladly do it.” There are many videos circulating on social media of Israelis being kidnapped by Hamas members. The father whose daughter was kidnapped sobbed in an interview with a foreign media outlet and said, “I pray for my daughter’s safety.”

The granddaughter of the kidnapped grandmother said, “I’m worried about my grandmother’s health because she doesn’t have any medicine.”

One German woman’s mother also learned that her own daughter had been kidnapped after seeing her social media footage.

She said the woman’s mother said, “If you know anything about my daughter or can help, please get in touch.”

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