“During the Moon administration, judges of the National Police Agency’s Inspector General’s Association, ‘self-service’ of 400 million won”

It was found that during the Moon Jae-in administration, many of the ‘humanities policy research projects’ of the Economics, Humanities and Social Research Council (KSRI) under the Office for Government Policy Coordination were assigned to the judges who selected the research projects.

This is the result of People Power Party lawmaker Kang Min-guk’s analysis of the data from the National Security Council메이저사이트.

Among the humanities policy research tasks over the two years of 2021-2022, there were a total of 8 designated tasks excluding open contest tasks, and all 8 research services went to the members of the Humanities Policy Special Committee, which selects and reviews research projects.

The total service fee received by these committee members for winning the task was 399 million won.

The Korea Economic Research Institute allowed the formation and operation of a special committee on humanities policy to select and evaluate humanities policy research projects, but did not stipulate the process of recommending and selecting members of the special committee.

As a result, Rep. Kang Min-guk’s analysis is that after the inauguration of Chairman Jeong Hae-gu, a special committee was formed with people with political leanings, such as the Chairman of the Presidential Records Management Committee and the former Blue House Cultural Secretary.

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