Looking at Galaxy, “Oppa, do you use Galaxy?” A junior…Sung Si-kyung said something that made him cry

An anecdote that singer Sung Si-kyung experienced while using a Samsung ‘Galaxy’ mobile phone has become known.

Sung Si-kyung visited her Sundae Guk house and ate her meal on her own YouTube channel ‘I’ll Eat’ content on the 5th. On this day, Seong Si-kyung took pictures of her food with her cell phone and said, “Personally, I think Galaxy photos are warmer and come out better than iPhone photos.”

Then, she said, “Not long ago, a little girl asked, ‘Oppa, do you use a galley?’” She told an anecdote about a recent experience she had.

He said, “There is a perception among young children that ‘of course you have to use the iPhone’ and ‘Galaxy is your old man’s cell phone.’” He added, “The child said, ‘This is amazing, can I take a look?’”

She continued, “I don’t have any inconvenience (using a Galaxy) at all, and I’ve even used an iPhone. However, I felt this메이저사이트 was more comfortable, and the younger students were familiar with Mac , so it seemed more comfortable for them to work with. “And it has a more trendy feel.”

This remark received great attention in many online communities. In major online communities, comments were made to determine the winner between Galaxy and iPhone, while criticism of an acquaintance of Sung Si-kyung’s comment became heated.

One netizen said, “You can use it according to your taste. Why are you so anxious that you can’t criticize it?” There were reactions such as “Why do people who use iPhones say that?” and “This is the first time I’ve seen someone use that word in real life.”

On the other hand, there were also reactions such as “I was born in 2004, but there is not a single person around me who uses a Galaxy” and “The iPhone is more overwhelming than the Galaxy for the sensibilities of people in their teens and 20s, so it can’t win at that age.”

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