Only 3 out of 80 K9 shots hit North Korea? ‘The truth about the Yeonpyeong bombardment battle’ revealed by satellite

Among Korea’s exports, there is one single item that has a global market share of well over 50%. It is the K9 self-propelled howitzer.

Since 2010, there have been 1,401 self-propelled guns with a caliber (barrel diameter) of 155 mm sold worldwide. Of these, 45% are K9 (626 guns). This figure does not include all 672 guns contracted by Poland last year. In addition, more and more countries are showing interest in K9s , and countries that have already purchased K9s are also considering additional purchases. K9 is the reliable eldest brother of K Defense, which has emerged as the ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ these days. It entered the export front in 2001, three years after development was completed in 1998, and 1,442 K9s have been sold or contracted to date토토사이트.

The reason K9 is on the bestseller list is because it is excellent in mobility, defense, and attack power, and has excellent cost-effectiveness. The true value of the K9 can also be seen

in the Yeonpyeong Island bombardment on November 23, 2010 . After the bombardment, satellite photos showed the impact points of 15 bullets on North Korea’s martial arts weapon and 30 bullets on the butt’s head. Of these, three shots fell near military facilities in Mudo. At that time, the opposition party was K9It was claimed that out of the 80 shots fired, only 2 to 3 properly hit the target. However, a military official said, “Just because there appear to be 45 shell holes (holes created by falling shells) does not mean that only 45 shells landed. He explained, “2 or 3 bullets may be concentrated in one bullet hole,” adding, “North Korea attacked from a temporary position some distance away from the Gaemori military base, so they targeted what appeared to be a rice field.”

It’s not just K9 . K2 tanks, FA-50 light fighters, etc. are walking along the path paved by K9 . K Bangsan is just about to sprout and bloom. You can check out the details in ‘Attack on K Defense’.

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