“Let’s go out” “Run somewhere”… Kim Haeng’s confirmation hearing crashes at the last minute

On the 5th, the National Assembly’s confirmation hearing for Kim Haeng, candidate for Minister of Gender Equality and Family, was held at the last minute as lawmakers of the ruling People Power Party and candidate Kim left the meeting.

On this day, the confirmation hearing for Candidate Kim by the National Assembly Gender Equality and Family Committee resulted in repeated battles between opposition party members demanding the submission of additional data and Candidate Kim refusing to do so. In particular, opposition party lawmakers focused their attention on Candidate Kim’s suspicions of stock parking and breach of trust.

Amid shouting and harsh words between ruling and opposition party lawmakers, Kwon In-sook, chairwoman of the Democratic Party’s Leisure Committee, said to Candidate Kim토토사이트, “If you are going to maintain that kind of attitude, resign,” adding, “You need to prove that the allegations that you committed a crime are not true.” “You can’t say you can’t provide data when you can’t,” he pointed out.

Then, People Power Party lawmakers protested in unison. They criticized the chairman for being biased and strongly protested, saying, “The chairman must remain neutral,” and “You should feel ashamed.” Chairman Kwon did not back down, saying, “I think he can say that about his current attitude,” and “If you can’t handle it, you should respond yourself.”

In the end, People Power Party lawmakers left en masse during the hearing. People Power Party lawmaker Ji Seong-ho, who was demanding an apology from Chairman Kwon, approached Candidate Kim and said, “Let’s go,” and Candidate Kim then organized the data. During this process, the hearing hall became chaotic as opposition party members gathered around the candidates’ seats and blocked them, saying, “You can’t leave” and “Where are you running to?”

Chairman Kwon declared a 10-minute adjournment at 10:50 p.m., but People Power Party lawmakers and candidate Kim did not return to the meeting hall even after 1 a.m. the next day.

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