Davinson Sanchez, who left Tottenham, ‘2 assists and 1 butt’… The performance that led to the defeat of Manchester United

Davinson Sánchez recorded two UEFA Champions League (UCL) assists in his first game with Galatasaray, something he had never recorded in Tottenham Hotspur’s six years.

On the 4th (Korean time), Galatasaray won 3-2 over Manchester United in the second match of the 2023-2024 UCL Group A at Old Trafford in Manchester, England. Galatasaray recorded 1 win and 1 draw, ranking 2nd in the group after Bayern Munich with 2 wins. Manchester United fell to the bottom with two losses.

The main characters of the game were Manchester United striker Rasmus Hoilun and Galatasaray defender Sánchez. Sanchez played for Tottenham for six years until last season, then moved to Galatasaray this season.

Manchester United took the lead. In the 17th minute of the first half, Rasmus Hoilun finished after receiving a cross from Marcus Rashford.

In the 23rd minute of the first half, Sanchez메이저사이트 recorded his first assist, tying the game to zero. Sanchez’s long pass was connected to Wilfred Zaha at the front line in one go. Zaha pushed Diogo Dalot into a struggle and scored with his right foot.

In the 22nd minute of the second half, Hoilun scored his second goal. When Sánchez received an inaccurate pass in a rear build-up situation, he quickly turned around and got stuck. Hoilun stole the ball, ran forward, and finished the game.

In the 26th minute of the second half, Kerem Makhtyrkoğlu finished off Baris Yilmaz’s pass after a superb breakthrough to the right, tying the score.

In the 36th minute of the second half, Sanchez’s second assist resulted in Mauro Icardi’s comeback goal. Manchester United’s missed pass was cleared by Sanchez with his head, and the pass was so low and fast that it was hard to believe it was a header, and it acted as a through ball directly to Icardi at the front line. Icardi slipped behind the defense and finished quickly.

Sanchez, who was involved in scoring 2 goals and conceding 1 goal, listened to the game, whether in a good or bad way. It was a good game. Sánchez made his European debut as a member of Ajax in the 2016-2017 season. Over the past seven seasons, no assists have been recorded in European competitions. Even the regular league assists were only 3 assists. However, he recorded two assists in his UCL debut with Galatasaray.

Sanchez’s rating calculated by soccer statistics media ‘WhoScored’ was high at 8.1. He was second in the competition after Hoilun (8.5).

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