Chinese soccer fans “Shame on National Day… “I can’t break the curse of proboscis.”

Chinese fans are lamenting that “the curse of Korean phobia cannot be broken” after China lost 2-0 to Korea in the men’s soccer quarterfinals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported ( SCMP ) reported on the 2nd.

According to reports, Chinese soccer fans lamented on social media (SNS), calling it a “disgrace to National Day” when the national soccer team lost to Korea without scoring a single goal in a game played at home on the night of the 1st, the country’s National Day .

Many Chinese fans cited “fear of Korea” or “Koreaphobia,” pointing out that these feelings have been chasing the Chinese national team for decades.

A netizen on Chinese social media Weibo said, “From the past ‘Will we be able to overcome the fear of Korea this time?’ to the current ‘It will be okay if we lose by just two goals.’ “How long will the national soccer team continue to decline?”

Another netizen wrote, “Let’s not talk about the national soccer team’s National Day embarrassment,” and “We have no hope of winning.”

He said, “Winning the Asian Games is exempt from military service. “There is no need to talk about how hard the Korean team works and how much they want to win,” he wrote. “From the staff to the level of investment, we are a few steps behind.”

On the same day, Hong Kong defeated Iran 1-0 and played in the semifinals against Japan, which also increased criticism of the Chinese national team.

One netizen wrote on “It’s shameful,” he wrote.

On Weibo, “The Hong Kong team clearly had a more difficult match. However, Hong Kong defeated Iran and advanced to the semifinals,” a post said, “The Chinese team was scared to death throughout the game.”

Another article said, “Now the Chinese team cannot guarantee victory against any country in Asia.”


One netizen who visited the stadium for the first time in his life and watched it in person said, “I watched today’s game on-site and saw the real gap between the Korean and Japanese soccer teams,” and “I can see why Lee Kang-in is playing for Paris Saint-Germain.” Wei said. I wrote it on Bo.

He said, “I don’t know when China will토토사이트 have a player of this level,” and “I thought I would see it as long as I live, but today, I feel like there is no hope.”

Meanwhile, one fan urged other fans to accept the Korean team’s strong performance on the soccer stadium because it was not created overnight.

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