“I didn’t look at my Hi-Pass receipt…” I paid 310,000 more over 5 years

Cases of duplicate toll payment due to errors in the highway toll electronic payment system were found to have reached approximately 310,000 over the past five years.

According to data received from the Korea Expressway Corporation by Rep. Kim Soo-heung of the Democratic Party of Korea on the 1st, from 2019 to July of this year, a total of 310,000 cases of Hi-Pass and One-Tolling overpayment occurred, and the amount was 775 million won.

Overpayment, which was about 44,000 cases in 2019, showed a gradually increasing trend, from about 76,000 cases last year to about 40,000 cases by July of this year.

On the contrary, in the same period, there were a total of 470,000 minor payments that were토토사이트 less than the actual fee, and the amount was 1.695 billion won.

This error was attributed to failure of the Hi-Pass device, communication delay, and contamination of vehicle license plates.

In the case of small payments, additional collection was made for 86.6% of the total number of cases and 90.3% in terms of amount.

For Hi-Pass, 90% of overpayments were refunded based on the number of cases and 92.4% based on the amount. In the case of one-tolling, it recorded 71.4% in terms of number of cases and 80.3% in terms of amount.

The Korea Expressway Corporation explained that it is refunding overpayments without any time limit.

Representative Kim pointed out, “The occurrence of overpayment of tolls in the highway payment system is not improving,” and added, “We need to come up with a solution to the fundamental problems of the Hi-Pass and One-Tolling systems.”

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