Exceeded goal from round 1… Men’s golf challenge for gold for the first time in 13 years 

The venue where the competition is held is West Lake International Golf Course ( par 72). It is located about a 30-minute drive from the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, where the opening ceremony was held. The national team entered Hangzhou on the 25th and began on-site adaptation training for two days until the 28th before the game. On the 26th, I did intense training for 6 hours.

Golf is a sport with large variables depending on the course. We asked the players about the course. Overall, the level of difficulty is not high.

Wooyoung Jo said, “Male players can have a (birdie) opportunity in every hole as long as they hit their tee shot straight. The discriminatory power is not as great as that of other major competitions. “Putting and wedge play will be important,” he said. The youngest, Jo Yu-bin, said, “It seems to be a slightly easier setting (than the domestic competition),” but added, “The green speed was slower than yesterday (when I was training). “I think Seongjae-hyung and Si-woo might not be used to hitting fast greens,” he said. Seongjae Lim added, “It’s not a difficult course, but it’s not a very easy course either토토사이트, so I was surprised that everyone got good scores.”

In fact, 46 of the 82 players who participated in the first round on this day recorded under par. Seongjae Lim even said, “I was surprised because the other players’ scores were better than I expected.”

Among them, Yubin Jang took the sole lead with 61 strokes at 11 under par. 11 under par is Jang Yu-bin’s lowest score in the round based on official competitions. 6 consecutive birdies in holes 1 to 6 is also my first experience in my life. Her performance in her first international all-around competition is incredible.

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