“We talk and love each other”… The identity of this service that builds barriers

Domestic and foreign companies that provide community functions are recently making breakthroughs through new services targeting only minority groups under certain conditions. It is interpreted as an attempt to secure profitability and increase user satisfaction with a premium service only for specific groups.

The world’s largest dating app, ‘Tinder’, introduced the ‘Tinder Select’ service, which is available to less than 1% of users. Select is a premium membership that helps you connect with popular Tinder users and allows you to use various functions.

Select usage fees amount to $500 per month. Since the number of Tinder users is limited to less than 1%, not all applicants can join.

If you pay more than $6,000 per year, you can use more features. You can view the most popular user profiles on Tinder, and if you ‘Like’ a user with a lower level than Select, your profile picture will be displayed clearly. For users who receive a like, the profile of the user who expressed a liking is displayed first for 7 days. You can send up to two direct messages ( DMs

) even if the other person’s level does not match yours . There are observations that the reason Tinder launched its expensive premium service is a decline in paid users. In fact, the overall number of users of Match Group, an American dating platform company that is Tinder’s parent company, is decreasing. In the second quarter of this year, the number of paid users of Match Group was 15.6 million, a 5% decrease from the same period last year.

“(Select users) will be able to see the most popular profiles on Tinder,” said Tinder CEO Bernard Kim. “This gives members a better way to get quality matches faster and easier and makes the overall experience more enjoyable.” “It’s about making it fun,” he said.

Tinder plans to regain paid users and improve profitability through Select.

In order to increase user satisfaction, they also launch community services just for celebrities.

Alphaz, a subsidiary of Cupist, the operator of dating app Glam, recently introduced ‘Alpha State토토사이트‘, a closed community app that only celebrities can use.

Celebrities such as actors, idols, sports stars, professional gamers, startup CEOs, models, YouTubers, and influencers are targeted for use. Even if you are a celebrity, you must pass Alpha State’s screening process to join.

At Alpha State, you can enjoy networking, gatherings, parties, and dating with like-minded celebrities. Currently, there are about 750 subscribers and about 3,000 people waiting to join.

The subscription approval rate is only around 15%. The company explains that if the number of social network service ( SNS ) subscribers exceeds 10,000, it is subject to priority screening, but membership is decided by comprehensively considering social influence.

Jaewon Ahn, CEO of Alphaaz, said, “We plan to continue adding new features and services to meet the diverse needs of app users,” and added, “We plan to provide users with a more diverse and advanced social networking experience.”

The closed community that was released before this also became a hot topic at the time of its release. RAYA

, an app similar to Alpha State, also limits membership to only celebrities such as celebrities, athletes, and businessmen. It is even structured so that you can only join after being recommended by a recommender and then being reviewed. The dating app ‘Jeongjeongsha’, which can only be used by Seoul National University students and graduates, has also become famous. ‘Super Rich’, a dating service that only the top 10% can sign up for, also attracted attention.

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