Seoul National University ranks 62nd in the ‘World University Rankings’ according to the British University Rankings… Decline for 2 consecutive years

Seoul National University, ranked first in domestic university rankings, has fallen in the world university rankings for two consecutive years.

According to the ‘World University Rankings’ published by Times Higher Education, a British university evaluation agency, on the 27th local time, Seoul National University ranked 62nd.

Seoul National University jumped from 60th in 2020 to 54th in 2021, but fell in ranking for two consecutive years, ranking 56th last year and 62nd this year.

Seoul National University scored 73.4 points in the comprehensive score of the five indicators of 메이저사이트evaluation criteria, ▲educational conditions ▲research environment ▲research quality ▲internationalization ▲industry-academia cooperation, up more than 2 points from the previous year, but Kyoto University and the University of Science and Technology of China reversed their scores, dropping the overall ranking. It fell.

In this evaluation, among domestic universities, Yonsei University ranked 76th, following Seoul National University, followed by KAIST in 83rd and Sungkyunkwan University in 145th.

Continuing from last year, the world’s first place was occupied by Oxford University in the UK this year, followed by Stanford University in the US, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ), Harvard University, and the University of Cambridge in the UK.

In Asia, Tsinghua University in China and Peking University ranked 12th and 14th, respectively, followed by the National University of Singapore in 19th and the University of Tokyo in Japan in 29th.

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