A son who gave life to 5 patients… Her mother’s life changed after that

The weight of the soul is often expressed as ’21 grams.’ Although it is lighter than a handful of rice, it is a weight that makes you realize the preciousness of life. There are those who breathe life into someone’s life while their soul escapes. These are ‘organ tissue donor applicants’. The moment when the end and beginning of life intersect is what we call a ‘miracle.’ <News 1> brings you miraculous moments in our lives during this Chuseok holiday.

 “Hello. My name is Lee So-hyun, a life sharing instructor.”

On a warm, sunny day last August, a special class began at a high school in Gyeonggi-do. The noisy children held their breath and concentrated when Sohyun Lee played a video of her class. The screen was filled with images of a boy with a youthful face. The boy’s name is Hakjun Lee. In October 2021, Hakjun, who was 17 years old at the time, passed away after giving life to five patients through organ tissue donation.

Hak Jun-gun’s story always appears in Mr. Lee’s ‘special’ class that introduces his respect for life and donation culture. Hakjungun is the son of Mr. Lee. After learning about this, the students gathered around Lee after class and offered words of consolation. “Teacher, cheer up.” “I listened very well today.” Mr. Lee said that the son smiling on the screen was just like he remembered.

“Hakjun’s eyes only followed me. The mother in those clear eyes was the son who meant everything to me in the world.”

◇It was a night like any other.

Hakjun suffered from epilepsy ever since he suffered from febrile convulsions when he was about 4 years old. His son, who had difficulty walking or eating on his own, most enjoyed spending time with his mom. Around 9-10 p.m., the entire family, including the dog, gathered to pray and end the day.

The day Hakjun suffered cardiac arrest was a night like any other. Hakjun, who collapsed despite CPR, drew a straight line close to the horizon despite several tests. One day, when multiple tests were being conducted, the doctor called Mr. Lee aside and cautiously opened his mouth. Why not consider organ donation?

“It was calmer than I thought. When I think about it now, I wonder if there was someone Hakjun’s age that I had to save at the time.”

The moment Mr. Lee received the invitation, the scene of the intensive care unit flashed through his mind. The hospital room and long-term patients he visited whenever his son was on the verge of life or death. She felt that the earnestness on their faces was no different from her own wish for her son’s safety. One day in October 2021. After consulting with her family, Lee opened her mouth. “I want to go through the procedure,” she said

. “Every moment was a miracle. Everything from the organ testing to the transplant process.”

Her son was small and light compared to his age. Because he was maintained on a low-calorie diet for his treatment, he weighed only 39 kg and grew more slowly. Although the hospital was worried about whether a transplant would be possible, Hakjun ultimately gave new life to five people. The mother, who had always been concerned about having her son stick needles in her life, felt sorry and grateful when the medical staff said that her son’s organs were healthy.

Ms. Lee still clearly remembers the moment she said her final goodbyes to her son. Ms. Lee opened up, saying that she had never been more proud and proud of her son than the moment she was moved from the intensive care unit to the surgical operating room to conduct the end-of-life service and begin the actual procedure.

◇”Are you not interested in working as a ‘Life Sharing Instructor’?”

Her pride grew even more when she began her teaching career in April last year. One day, less than two years after Hakjun gave the gift of new life. A phone call came from the Korea Organ Donation Agency ( KODA ). The suggestion was whether I would like to work as a life sharing instructor.

The reason was that it would be of great help if donors and donors with experience in life-sharing activities, such as organ donation, which were still unfamiliar, participated as instructors. Mr. Lee gladly accepted the offer.

Mr. Lee began his activities in earnest this year when the COVID-19 social distancing measures were lifted. We visit middle and high schools across the country to explain the importance of life, including suicide prevention, and to promote activities such as organ donation.

Mr. Lee says it is still not easy to tell someone about losing his son. Nevertheless, the reason I토토사이트 continue this work is because I want to contribute in some small way to spreading the culture of organ donation in the country.

Mr. Lee believes that if he continues to follow his son’s footsteps, at some point it will become a straight and solid path and become someone else’s hope. For him, this moment of letting someone know the path is recovery and comfort.

In addition, when participating in various activities related to organ donation, such as the Voice of Life Choir, we often meet beneficiaries. Beneficiaries and their families who heard Hakjun’s story said they looked apologetic every time they saw Mr. Lee. Each time, Mr. Lee explained that he did not know what to do. I just think that if they live a healthy and happy life for others, their son will be satisfied as well.

“On days when there is an event to see a beneficiary, it always appears in my dreams. Usually, even though I want to see it, it doesn’t even show my face.”

Mr. Lee still occasionally looks back on the decisions he made that day. If Hakjun had been awake on the day of organ donation, what choice would he have made? Will his son be satisfied with the choice Mr. Lee made? There is no answer to the questions thrown into the air. However, Mr. Lee only remembers the dream he had last night in which his son was looking at his friends and mother with a happier expression than ever.

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