“Teacher autopsy is required…” Parents opposing modular classrooms, systematic violation of teaching rights

Recently, the teachers’ union ordered a strict response to the controversy that parents of an elementary school in Gangnam committed ‘violation of teaching rights’ through group KakaoTalk (group chat room). The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education announced that it has received reports of the matter and is reviewing response plans.

On the 27th, the elementary school teachers’ union issued a statement, referring to the controversy that “Parents of A Elementary School in Gangnam have been violating their rights in a group chat room for two years,” and requested that “the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education report this.”

According to the union, some parents at A Elementary School have created a group chat room since September 2021 while working against ‘modular classrooms’ to relieve overcrowded classes.

Modular classrooms are temporary classrooms needed to install the ‘Green Smart Future School’ promoted by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. In order to transform an aging school building into a state-of-the-art space, existing classrooms must be temporarily moved to modular classrooms. Some parents protested, saying that their right to education was being violated.

In relation to this, the elementary school teachers’ union claimed, “In this group chat room, parents made personal attacks by mentioning teachers’ real names and positions.”

According to the union, parents gathered in the group chat room said, “I think I’ll come to my senses only if I get a proper hold of my collar,” and “Please resolve this before토토사이트 the fathers step in.” Decent fathers, they are the ones who end things when they step forward. He made comments such as, ‘It’s not for nothing that people in society say that I am born.’

Targeting a specific teacher, ‘I guess I’m not feeling well. ‘They’ll have to do an autopsy’, ‘Crazy Woman’,

The union stated, “This is a serious violation of teaching rights in accordance with the recently revised Teacher Status Act, and the Office of Education should collect related data and file a complaint so that punishment can be imposed.”

It was reported that the group chat room in question was closed the day before due to controversy.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education said, “We were made aware of the situation through a report the previous day, and we were informed of the situation by the Gangnam Seocho Support Office. I know it is true that there was a group chat room, and I think we can find out what to do only after discussing it.”

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